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Dr. Alphys is the royal scientist of the underground who is always nervous, although her true passion is in anime and manga. She is also the creator of Mettaton.

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Asgore Dreemurr is the king of the Underground and the Ex-husband of the former Queen, Toriel. He had a son; Asriel Dreemurr, Until he was killed by Humans and turned into Flowey by Alphys. Asgore is peaceful most of the time, but he is very powerfull and dangerous. He is one of the only characters that can change the battle hub.



Young Asgore was a michevious boy who often broke the rules when spending time in kindergarden. He'd often use rude or offensive words and spends most of his time in the time out corner. Most people see him as unfit to rule the underground as he is next in line to the throne, though when it comes to kingly duties he is ready to lead his kingdom (Even if it's going to collape if he rules)


Asgore was never intended to rule. he was the youngest of his 3 brothers during the war,but he was the only one that survived,being too young to fight.

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Asriel Dreemurr is Asgore's and Toriel|Toriel's son, He was one point a prince but was killed by Humans and then turned into a Flower by Dr. Alphys.



After Asriel died, post Pacifist route, and Flowey gained total control of the body once again. That is, in flower form. He now wanted power again. The human souls were now even more unprotected than ever. He was able to locate ONE of the six. Seeing his chance, Flowey absorbed it. But instead of giving him power, it ended up upsetting his life spectrum. The soul's utter patiencAN 0

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Catty & Bratty belong to Toby " Radiation " Fox respectively. Keep this in mind.


Catty & Bratty are both female. They share similarities in personality and taste. They are found behind the " MTT Resort Hotel " selling you various items such as Junk Food, Empty Gun, Cowboy Hat, and the Mystery Key. They appear as the stereotypical popular girls because of their attitudes.

Bratty is a tall, green female alligator monster. She wears a blue shirt with a primarily pink shawl with blue and yellow details on it. Bratty has bright, blond hair with curls at the ends. Her best friend is Catty as she claims in-game.

Catty is a short, chubby, and purple female cat monster. She wears blue overalls with yellow fluff at the ends of the arm sleeves with yellow buttons under the straps of the overalls. Catty has short, black hair with blue at the end of it. Her best friend is Bratty as she claims in-game.

Both Catty & Bratty claim that Mettaton are both of their husbands but he just doesn't know it yet. They usually start their sentences with " like " or " Omg " .



" Hey check it out! " Catty and Bratty when you enter the alleyway.

" You should totally buy ALL our stuff! " Catty while you look at the items

" So like hey, whats up? "

More coming quotes coming!


  • BurgerPants mentions Catty & Bratty several times
  • At one time, If you try to sell stuff to Catty & Bratty, Catty will eventually say " Wait! I'll pay you 1000G if you get Mettaton to autograph my butt! "
  • Catty accidently mentions that their stuff it garbage, Then Catty & Bratty say that its good garbage.


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Chara is a former resident of the Underground.

Chara was the first human to fall past the barrier on Mount Ebott into the Underground. After following Toriel and Asgore adopted Chara as their own and treated them as much as theirs as their first and biological child Asriel.

Chara was seen as a beacon of hope for the Underground, but one day Chara became terminally ill from buttercups. Their plan was to fuse their soul with Asriel's to go to the Surface, gain six more human souls, and then release the monsters. Sadly, when Asriel and Chara fused Asriel took control and refused to hurt the humans, instead letting them fatally damage him because they thought he killed Chara, leading to both Asriel and Chara dying after he walked away from the village.

Chara's body was laid to rest in a coffin in the basement of the castle, where the other humans would later be laid to rest after being killed too. Later though, Toriel moved Chara's body to the Ruins to give them a proper burial.



She died quite a while ago to kill the villagers from her mom, but due to DETERMINATION to eradicate the world, she is still around.

She is most commonly seen wearing a hood, hiding her identity.


Chara is seen in her human form at the end of the Genocide/No Mercy run,but has a Demon form,too. Chara's demon form looks like a tall,demonic figure with long arms. Chara can turn her limbs into a knife,having a knife for a hand is one example.


"Chara is an unstoppable beast" this statement is untrue, Chara can be killed with ease, her determination is why she is still living. If you could sap her determination, she would render useless.

Chara the Fallen

Chara is a killer, after the events of Undertale, he's trying to be nice and never FIGHT again, but it won't be that easy...

The Royal Keen (Elementfirecross)

Chara used to be bullied and abused on the Surface before falling down the mountain. Eventually they couldn't take it anymore, they felt like as a human they were a demon from all the abuse they took, they climbed Mount Ebott and jumped, hoping to die in the process at age 9. Their fall by broken by a bunch of buttercup flowers, only a few minutes later after being confused were they found by Asriel Dreemurr. Asriel brought them to their home to meet his mother Toriel and Asgore. Both Toriel and Asgore were hesitant about letting in a human into their family, but after some quick convincing, both Toriel and Asgore viewed Chara as much as their child as Asriel.

Chara Dreemurr soon became known as hope for humanity after living in the Underground for a year. They were pressured to become the one to save the Monsters and release them from the Underground. During a teaching about souls from Toriel they had an idea. They would kill themself, and with the help of Asriel they would go to the surface, get the human souls they needed to release the Monsters, and live up to the pressure they were receiving.

After figuring out how they would kill themself they told Asriel and continued to pressure him into doing the "right thing for Monsterkind". Asriel of course accepted, wanting to follow Chara's example of being Monsterkind's hope. They put the plan in action, leading to Chara having a horrible and painful death, but didn't raise any suspicion of suicide.

When they died Asriel took Chara's soul and fused with them. Asriel could hear Chara in his head telling him what to do and how to get to the village to kill six humans to free everyone. When Asriel got to the village holding Chara's body to lay them where they wanted to be put after death Asriel had second thoughts. He took control from Chara and let the humans accuse him of killing them, leading to the humans trying to kill Asriel. Asriel let the humans hit him fatally, walking away peacefully while holding Chara's body. Asriel went back to the Underground and collapsed in the ruins while clutching Chara's body.

After 2 years a human named Frisk fell down. Chara woke up like everything that happened was a dream. The first person they saw was Frisk and was immediately scared and slightly disgusted by the sight of them. Frisk reminded them of all the horrible humans they have encountered in their life and immediately saw Frisk as an enemy. Chara tried to get away from Frisk but every time they got too far they were fulled back towards Frisk. Eventually they learned they were connected to Frisk's soul after encountering Flowey and some monsters, as they could feel any pain Frisk felt from their attacks.

Chara follows Frisk along throughout their journey in different routes, their dialogue changing in each route. In pacifist they begin to feel hopeful that maybe humans aren't so bad after all and becomes friends with Frisk, in neutral they feel disgusted by how Frisk killed monsters and their worldview stays pessimistic. In Genocide though, they lose all their emotions and feelings, learning through Frisk to kill. Eventually they see themself as a demon like all humans and forces Frisk to give them their soul.

Frisk is the only person who can sense Chara, but they cannot touch them. Chara translates monster words for Frisk and narrates for Frisk, sometimes giving sarcastic and funny narration when they're feeling more friendly towards Frisk.

Throughout every route though, Chara still loves their brother, even in Genocide they hesitate before killing him, hitting the final point to them seeing themself as a demon.


Chara doesn't identify by any gender, but couldn't care less of how people gender them. They have a compulsive habit of spinning their weapons like batons. They have impressive upper arm strength, so even the most harmless weapons (such as ballet shoes) can be put to good use. This strength transfers to their host body with enough LV.


Chara didn't actually hate humanity, they got pushed down the mountain by bullies and slipped. They didn't tell anyone because they knew that Asgore would start a war if he knew the truth.


Chara was a sweet, innocent girl who was constantly bullied due to her pacifist behavior. Her parents were often hard on her for the same reason, and, eventually, she tried committing suicide by jumping in Mt. Ebbot. Thankfully, Asriel was, albeit conveniently, there. He healed her, and brought her to his family. Toriel and Asgore were a bit reluctant to take in a human at first, but after seeing her kind nature, brought her in. After many years of living with them, she accidentally poisoned Asgore. Brushing it off (to hide the pain) she soon figured out that Buttercups were poisonous. Months of scientific all-nighters, she had formulated a plan to save the monster race: Merge with Asriel and cross the Barrier to get more Souls. She and Asriel were reluctant to kill humans, but, they knew they had to. Asriel's death, Flowey, Chara getting a proper funeral, etc. Years later, Frisk fell down. Chara was awoken by Frisk's Determination, but...she was sort of depressed. The plan failed...thus, she was, a failure. Seeing Frisk as the perfect girl to accomplish what she could not, she applied herself to Frisk's visual cortex and eardrums. Frisk was the only person who could see or her here.

In the Genocide Run, however, many people say Chara makes Frisk do the killing. The thing is,'s the other way around. The player is Frisk. Chara has been newly awakened. The player is the one hitting the fight button, not Chara. Frisk taught Chara how to kill.

And Chara called her out on it. She took Frisk's happy ending away, as Frisk didn't deserve it. Possessing Frisk, she told everyone the true nature of their lovable heroine, and why she took her body.


Chara's Determination was great enough to allow her to SAVE.However,she didnt know it until she died.Her save point was set after she was poisoned,so that every time she died,she would reappear at the SAVE point,forcing her to endure her posioning and death counless times over.The experience drove her insane and only ended when Asreil absorbed her SOUL to stop her suffering.After Asreil died and became Flowey,she lost the SAVE,finally freeing her from the cycle and leaving her soul dormant in her coffin in New Home.When Frisk fell down,she sensed his presence and fused with his SOUL the moment he performed his first SAVE.After this,she tries to influence Frisk to kill everyone in the Underground.

In Genocide route,this succeeds.She takes control of Frisk completely and uses their combined power to Reset the universe,taking all of Frisk's Determination and effectively stealing his SOUL.However,the same events happen that drive her insane in the old universe,making her think of herself as The Devil.

In True Pacifist,Frisk successfully represses her until the fight with Asreil.When Frisk's SOUL determination breaks,she realises Asreil will Reset the universe without Frisk holding the SAVE.She pours her own Determination into Frisk's SOUL,stopping it breaking.As Asreil steals the SAVE and enters his true form,Chara uses her Determination to stop him resetting.However,the power needed to do that is too much for Chara.She takes control of Frisk for the last scene with Asriel before she dies in peace watching her best friend break the Barrier.


In the Genocide route, after killing the dummy, Chara takes control of Frisk. Frisk tries to reset, but fails. then, after killing Flowey, Frisk resets ASAP, and gets SOULless Pacifist.

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Doggo is a dog that can only see things that move. Otherwise, he is blind as a bat. He likes to wan and smoke dog treats. He is ambidextrous as seen with his ability to use both of his most prominent knives with equal strength.



He is interested in a certain reptilian scientist, Alphys, as she is the only one he can really see because she talks with her hands as well as her mouth. He never changes his outfit, aside from when in costume like on Halloween. He drinks often.

Shadow Amethyst (AKA Faw)

Doggo mainly wants something to help improve his vision's capabilities, as he can only see things that move. Besides that, he still enjoys smoking dog biscuits and still yearns to wan when no one else is around. Though, he seems to be getting more and more paranoid every day...


Doggo wants to get Rich that is why is is in the royal guard But one day while he was looking for humans one of the humans (Bravery) Punched him in the eye and he cant see since.....

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Flowey the Flower is the main antagonist of UNDERTALE, and the first monster the character meets in the game.



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Frisk is the protagonist of Undertale. They are also the only canon character whose LOVE is at 1.



Frisk is a human that falls in the Underground willingly due to emotional problems, hoping to end everything. They are nonbinary and about 12 years old. They are capable of talking, but only do so rarely


Frisk started out selectively mute, but because of so many years of not speaking it now hurts to talk effectively muting them.

0 KomaSan 0


Frisk is kind-hearted. They can but will not fight. They choose to use assuring words and kindness instead of fighting and harsh words. Having a slightly Papyrus-like personallity, They are best friends with him. Frisk is consindered to be around five or six by their monster family.


Frisk can talk, but they decide not to at times.


Frisk is a very shy and quiet human, capable of speech but rarely talks. They were often made fun of for being genderless, and this eventually led to depression, and they jumped down the mountain. They have a rather neutral personality, often mimicking another's persona to get along with them.

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Built by Dr. Alphys, Mettaton is a robotic TV host that resides in Hotland. He is also the cousin of Napstablook.



Mettaton is normally an emotionless television host, but when he sees his cousin, Napstablook, his love for his cousin causes his soul to overpower his programming with the Determination it holds, allowing Mettaton to act freely as long as he is in "Blooky's" presence.


Mettaton, mistakenly taken as a male, is a female ghost who cares much for her brother, Napstablook. She met Dr. Alphys|Alphys at a human club, where they made plans for her to be a television star. In return, she gave her sweet, beautiful voice for a male robotic voice built in the metal suit. Mettaton's real name is Hapstablook. Hapstablook is always happy, and wants Napstablook to feel safe and loved, but despite this, she seems to forget him when she is Mettaton. She is revealed as Hapstablook when Napstablook helps defeat Mettaton Alpha.

"Mattephantom" (by VampireMeerkat)



Mattephantom Blook, or Mattphantom Blook, is Mettaton's unofficial real name.
The name and corresponding design was created by VampireMeerkat on February 18, 2016.

Mattephantom is the ghost that later became Mettaton, and used to have an appearance that not quite matched his personality. While he had always surrounded himself with pink and acted much like a diva, Mattephantom looked like an unfeminine, brownish rag. His "dull" and "unshiny" appearance earned him the name "Mattephantom".

While he always believed to have come to accept himself and promised Napstablook not to leave him for a real body, he was confronted with a difficult choice when Alphys suddenly presented him the body he had only talked about before.
He chose to become the person he felt he was inside, and left his past identity and family behind to become the celebrity Mettaton.

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Monsterkid is owned by Magnolia Porter, and Toby Fox.


Monster Kid is a MONSTER who lives in Snowdin. They are of an ambiguous gender just like Frisk and Chara and seems to have no known name other than Monster Kid. They wear a striped shirt just like all the children we have seen in Undertale but have no arms.

They is a very energetic and clumsy kid, almost always falling on their face when they run. They look up to Undyne as an idol and will not hesitate to praise her. They often talk in a childish way, saying stuff like "c'mon" and "dude"

Even with this silly and childish attitude to things though, they do try to stand up to Chara/Frisk in Genocide, but they end up having to be saved by Undyne.



He's a huge fan of the Great Papyrus. Due to his lack of arms, he has to use magic to do what his arms should've done.

During the Monster Kid Adventures RP, he achieved immortality. However, this RP is not canon.

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A depressed but music-loving ghost in Waterfall, Napstablook, known by many as "Blooky", will begin nearly anything but finish very little, almost always crying and floating away if anything goes wrong.



Napstablook cares about his cousin, Mettaton, very deeply, to the point where Mettaton is the only thing that still makes him happy in his state.


Blooky is a sad, but optimistic musician and cousin of Mettaton. He works at Grillby's from time to time, and loves his cousin a lot. He also knows Muffet, often hanging out with her and Mad Dummy.

"Blooky" (by VampireMeerkat)

Blooky Blook is Napstablook's unofficial real name. Concept created by VampireMeerkat.

The name "Blooky" is a combination of the words "spooky" and "blue", which describes his most prevalent emotional state, but is also the (nick)name Mettaton gave him in the game.
This theory assumes this is his real name and "Napstablook" his online username.

Blooky used to run the "Blook family snail farm" together with his relatives, Mattephantom, Maduppy, and Unsuspectre, until they started leaving him one by one to become corporeal, and he was left to care for the once popular attraction on his own.
While his closest friend and relative, Mattephantom, stayed the longest and promised not to leave him, he too eventually left and Blooky entered a deep depression in response. Even though he feels betrayed by him, Blooky never missed any of Mattephantom's shows on television.

As he spends alot of time on the internet and has no friends outside of his computer, he uses his online Napster username in daily life as a way of distancing himself even more from the outside world. Not many monsters know his real name because of this.

Blooky is friendly and soft-spoken, but feels easily defeated or disappointed by negative outcomes. He used to be more upbeat when he was still surrounded by his relatives, but isn't good at being alone.

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Papyrus is a lanky skeleton that makes puzzles and eats spaghetti. He lives in Snowdin and his brother is Sans.



Papyrus, born in 1995, is the younger brother to Sans. He enjoys making spaghetti and puzzles. He wishes to be the head of the royal guard one day, but Undyne doesn't want him to be in it. He has the same powers as Sans does (a bit weaker) but only uses it when he really needs to.


In 2018, Mario and Luigi visited Mustafar but was attacked by Darth Maul. They survived the attack but were exposed to the radioactive energy of the planet and their flesh and organs melted away. Mario and Luigi became Sans and Papyrus respectively.

Downtown Freezy

Papyrus is 10 while his brother, Sans, is 8 years older than him.


Papyrus is a late teenager or in his early twenties while Sans is in his thirties.


Papyrus is 2 and 3/12 years younger than Sans, and is Gasters son. He learned how to speak english and Wingdings as a child. When gaster fell into the CORE, Everyone forgot about him except Sans and Papyrus. He doesn't like talking about Gaster, because as a kid he was the favorite child and he was very very very very very sad when his dad died.


Papyrus is a 12-year old skeleton (Sans is 15.) who's dream is to be a Royal Guard. He spends his time eating spaghetti, making puzzles, and going on UnderNet with a wisecracking Temmie called TeM/OUttA/TeM22. (Real name: Bob.)


Papyrus is an energetic, flamboyant, and narcissistic skeleton who likes making and doing puzzles, making and eating spaghetti, and overall being with the human or his family. Family members include Sans, Gaster, Gigi, Lynk, Impact, and Segoe. After Frisk freed the monsters, he gained new hobbies in exercising (in his Jogboy outfit), having spaghetti picnics on random hills, and building puzzles for a local YMCA. He is still upset about the Royal Guard not existing anymore, but puts it aside in happiness for his freedom.

Aidan's Headcannon

Papyrus is a flamboyant skeleton, who wants to join his idol, Undyne, in the Royal Guard. In the True Pacifist Ending, when he gets to the surface, Pap soon becomes a popular let's player and co-host of Mettaton's shows.


Papyrus is descendant from a long line of extremely powerful skeleton magicians and is actually the most powerful magic user in existence. However, he has no idea that he is capable of such feats and thus the only one of his near limitless powers he can actually use is the power to influence a SOUL's emotion, creating his signature Blue Attack. His power sometimes draws the attention of the Annoying Dog.


Papyrus is a very energetic and optimistic skeleton, often looking for ways to make things better even when he knows he can't. Despite him not knowing this, he is actually the most powerful monster in the Underground, even more so than Undyne. His magic can be fatal, and certain events can lead to him gaining Determination. He is the son of W.D. Gaster.

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River person is a person on a boat waiting for Frisk to get on so he/she can take them to where ever they like.



The Riverperson is a splinter of Gaster's consciousness with no memory of his former life. However, his subtle link to the other fragments of Gaster's mind gives him knowledge of things he shouldn't know, like SAVEs, Determination and Flowey's real name. He helps escort Frisk around the Underground, purely because he know that there's no way of stopping the Player doing what he will do, for better or for worse. He has also shared some of this information with Gerson.

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Sans is a short and big-boned skeleton that says awful puns that irritate his brother. He lives in Snowdin and his brother is Papyrus.



Sans was born in 1994, being the older brother of the two. He's pretty lazy but can be active if needed to. He cares alot about his brother. He wanted to be a scientist like his father (Gaster) but decided against it after Gaster's disappearance. Sans also is apart of the Royal Guard but nobody knows about it.


Sans was originally Mario who used to be calm when he visited Mustafar until one day, Darth Maul invaded the place and apparently murdered Mario and Luigi. But they didn't die, on the contrary, they survived after being exposed to the energy of Mustafar, their flesh and organs were melted because of the extreme energy which was over Mario and Luigi and thus, they both turned into Sans and Papyrus.


Sans is a 15 year-old skeleton, 3 years older than Papyrus. He likes to crack really bad puns, look after his pet rock (P.S: it's alive.) and go on UnderNet as Ligit_Not_Papy's_Bro456 to annoy Papyrus. Despite these, he is pretty strong, with command over Gaster Blasters, a device he made from the old days. Did i mention he can teleport? Well, now you know.


"heya. i'm sans. sans the skeleton." -sans

sans is the skleton brother of papyrus aka cool bro and the son of...anyways, hobbies include: ketchup, puns, hot dogs, hot cats, hot kangaroos, cold dogs, and soul-destroying g*s*e*r blasters.


Sans is a lazy skeleton who loves puns (especially those that annoy Papyrus) and pranks. He loves to eat hot animals and hang out at Grillby's. This headcanon is pretty much Sans as his personality is shown in the game. After Frisk freed the monsters, he gained new hobbies like watching WWE, going to Grillby's new location on the surface, and hanging out with his family members. Family members include Papyrus, Gaster, Gigi, and Impact, Lynk, and Segoe.


Sans is a 30 year-old skeleton, 14 years older than Papyrus. He seems pretty lazy to Papyrus, but it is because of his age. He is also married to Toriel as well. He would always take care of his wife (Toriel) and protect her from what's out there. A long time ago, he was once Ness. He tried to go back to the surface but the hole was too far up. He tells puns that irritate his brother. He also doesn't care about capturing humans. He also goes to Grillby's a lot. There, he hangs out with the protagonist. SPOILER ALERT!!!!! At the end, Sans meets Frisk at the Last Corridor, also know as Judgement Hall. 10 years later, once coming back from being killed, he decides to kill himself. Before it happened, a phone call at Papyrus and Undyne's house was heard by SpringCharger101. It was so deadly to his brother. He wanted to say goodbye. Toriel was even heart broken when she heard it. (I based this headcanon off of my AU, Undertime.)

Flaky The Waifu

Sans is 19 years old. He is 5 years older than Papyrus. He and his brother were once humans. They fell into the underground and then died to the fall. Their souls, however, weren't destroyed. They were then injected with Determination and woke up. Sans and Toriel will be married soon but the marriage will be soon to come.


Sans is 17. He is 4 years older than Papyrus. He has met [SoulJewel|[Destinie]] in various timelines (and disliked her due to influences to him in some of them). He still tells puns and not only is [[1]] annoyed at the, but Destinie is as well (to some extent). He doesn't remember the timeline when he, Papyrus and Destinie were being experimented on by Gaster, when she does, and eventually stumbles on Destinie's SAVE tapes about the matter. (More elaborated in my fanon: Undertale: A New Chapter)


Sans is descendant from a long line of powerful wizards and is the second most powerful magic user in existence after Papyrus, who has no idea he is actually capable of such power. This power allows him to use a wide array of magic based attacks, including gravity control, SOUL manipulation(known to most as the Blue Attack), teleportation, and the power to kill an opponent with their own Karma. He worked with W. D. Gaster when he was younger, the Royal Scientist teaching him how to use energy beams known as Gaster Blasters. He also helped Alphys develop a time machine which he keeps in his room.

His powers also allow him to sense the effects SAVEs, LOADs and the Player have upon reality. However, he assumes they are being used with good intentions. If the Player chooses the Genocide route, Sans senses the amount of chaos they've inflicted upon the world and leaves to New Home to try and stop Chara, knowing that he can't kill Chara due to the SAVE, but can at least slow her down. He has also fought Flowey when he has tried to destroy the Underground, but was eventually overwhelmed by his LOVE and was unable to stop him resetting everything.

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Snowdrake, or Snowy, is a canon enemy in Undertale. He is an aspiring teen comedian that makes ice and snow puns.


He is a small light-blue blue birb with darker blue spots on his feathers, and his head resembles a snowflake. He has yellow eyes, beak, and talons.


He's happy, most of the time, especially around his friends. He enjoys puns of the ice and snow variety, and hangs out with others who also enjoy puns.

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tEMMIE is cOol!!!! yayA!!



AAll Temmies are resistant to poison because Tem Flakes can sometimes be highly toxic. They can make both cat and dog noises individually, but usually they make a garbled mix of the two which is classified as a temmie noise.


Temmy is frend wit Tammy. Tammy n Temmy bffs!!!


All Temmies have various pictures of the Bone Brothers up in their rooms. They usually jump on the Bone Brothers' heads and randomly lick them. Sans hates this.

Prof. Bad Tem

Temmies are Mostly stupid, but there are Mutations like a bob and Prof. Temmothy Badtem which have aquired higher intelect thru a mutated gene.


All Temmies are highly intelligent creatures with the powers of telekinesis and mind-reading. However, due to the over-use of these powers, some Temmies (such as the ones in the Underground) developed tendencies unnatural to other Temmies.

Nauticat Mittens

Temmies are odd creatures, according to most players, they are dumb. But, for most intelligent people, They find some type of "smart" in them. The Tem Shop Owner, also known as Temmie herself, can be smart when you reject the option to give her the stuff she "wants", If you pay her college fund, then, she will become a smarter, with a regeneration of 22 IQ Points!


Temmies are actually the smartest creatures in the underground. They just saw something... Disturbing.


Temmies are often thought of as stupid. However, they know things other monsters are in the dark about, or know things are true when other monsters think it's false. Temmies know the most about what W.D Gaster did, as Temmies were part of one of his experiments. Temmies have a lisp, which makes them sound dumb, but they are onpar with other monsters with their IQ. If they focus hard enough, they can speak normally. Some Temmies lack such a lisp, such as Bob, though this is very rare. They are actually a mix of a dog species and a cat species of monster. There is rumors among Temmies that W.D Gaster experimented with creating human/monster hybrids, but it is often dismissed. Temmie Village used to be Temmie City, but a fire magic mishap burned down almost all of it.

0 KomaSan 0

Temmies have several species such as the sock temmie. The tems are mostly dumb, playful, and happy. But Bob and Prof. Temmothy Badtem have evolved to be superior to normal temmies. Tems all like Papyrus. When Sans and Papyrus go to see the village Papyrus always tries to hide temmies in his scarf to take them home. Sans always stops him.

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Toriel is a anthropomorphic goat creature (aka boss monster) who lives in the Ruins, previously she was the queen of the Underground and ruled next to the current king; Asgore. She had a son named Asriel, and is famous for looking out for the Children who fall down Mt.Ebott.



Toriel only eats snails because the spiders will only give her that because they hate her, and if she goes shopping she'll be locked out of the Ruins forever. The only reason she made butterscotch cinnamon pie is because the two fell out of the cabinet and mixed together.

Aidan's headcannon

Toriel, despite being peaceful, has a high amounts of EXP and LV. Wonder why? Well...why don't you ask her?

Koma's headcanon

Toriel is kind yet stern. She is motherly to anyone and takes the human children in that fall down Mt.Ebott. The most recent one she has taken in is Frisk, Her first human child was C h A r


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Undyne, a tough and passionate leader of the Royal Guards who wields magical spears she uses to fight her opponent. Loud and hard to ignore, she has made a name for herself to the inhabitants of the Underground. In fact, she even has some fans, like Monster Kid, and her friends and trainee, Papyrus. She keeps close to her beliefs, and won't hesitate to handle anything in a(n) (unnecessarily) violent way.

Even as loud and exaggerated as she is, she can be quite threatening when you're her target, especially if you're human. Of course, as the leader of the Royal Guards, she takes her job seriously, and will up her seriousness when she believes a human is near.

In all routes she holds onto her passionate, loud, and violent self, but there are changes in each route. Take the Pacifist Route, where she ends up dating her love Alphys and befriending the human. Once she befriends the human through teaching them how to cook (violently), her house is burnt down, and she just shrugs it off to live with Papyrus and Sans. In neutral routes most everything is the same, and it depends on what Frisk does to change things. In Genocide though, she will continue to try and get rid of Frisk (and/or Chara), and even when you think you killed her as she tried to save Monster Kid, she'll instead continue living using her Determination. This Determination may be from herself, or from Alphys' experiments, but during the fight she is significantly stronger and is referred to as Undyne the Undying. In the end though, she melts from the Determination and dies.



Undyne's Determination is stronger than most monsters,but still not strong enough to SAVE like Flowey or The protagonist.She's learned how to focus her Determination to become Undyne the Undying in order to save her from fatal injuries.However,using that amount of raw Determination without a human SOUL is extremely risky and not particularly enjoyable for Undyne,hence she uses it very rarely

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WD Gaster was the Underground's famous Royal Scientist, prior to Dr. Alphys. WD Gaster was a very smart man, he had created the CORE, as well as making a working time machine. WD Gaster was well known throughout the underground, and he had many followers. One day, WD Gaster accidentally fell into the CORE. His body was spread across time and space, and everyone's memories of him were erased. WD Gaster now remains trapped in an inter-dimensional void located in the Waterfall. His time machine remains broken and unrepaired in his shed, which is located behind Sans' and Papyrus' house. WD Gaster's current appearance is that of a skeleton, with two gaping cracks in his skull, floating hands, and a black cloak. Three of WD Gaster's followers still remain in Hotland, in a split dimension, however. The followers can be summoned if one knows the cryptic message to call out to them.


Gaster is Sans and Papyrus's Father, Sans is also his assistant, when Gaster fell into his creation and shattered across time and space, Only Sans remembered him, in order to keep people from being confused, Sans kept this to himself, the followers don't count, since they count as ghosts too. This also explains why Sans has those machines, like Rx2 and Shadow's Headcanons


On 16/01/2016 A User On /r/Undertale. Reported that a strange STEAM Account by the name of W.D Gaster In Wing Dings. Opening the link will bring you to the Steam Account , which is now down mysteriously. Although it is reported that three people managed to add it. Some of which are on this wiki. Once added a few users had conversations with the account telling various backstories and information.

The translation of one of the conversations has been lost. But, the original Wing Ding's version still persists; Here. The translation can be found here.


Gaster is the father of all skeletons, like Sans, Papyrus, Needleteeth, Emily, and many, many others. Due to him being bad at names, like Asgore, he started naming them after Fonts, like himself. Not only that, he also placed his own name before the skeleton's fonts. Like W. D. Needleteeth, W. D. Sans, W.D. Helvetica, and so on. All skeletons are taught the Wingdings language in the beginning of their life. Each skeleton was made for a purpose. Sans and Papyrus were made to be tested on, Needleteeth was rebuilt and turned into a skeleton with the sole purpose of helping Gaster in his research, and others were made for unknown reasons. He was also trying to strengthen the vessels of monsters so they could handle determination like humans, but due to the accident in the CORE, it was interrupted.


Wingdings D. Gaster is the father of Sans and Papyrus. He is currently in the void, and only Alphys knows where he is. Alphys and Sans are his trainees. He has made the Memory-heads in an accident with SOUL matter. He can be summoned by Determination and friendship. He died when he fell in when the CORE started to shift. Mettaton knows who he is, but never met him. Only few can understand him, and he has a goal in life: to collect a piece of the void.


W.D. Gaster was the previous Royal Scientist before Alphys, the creator of the core, and a former friend of Sans and Papyrus. Much like other skeletons, he speaks in and is named after a typeface.


Gaster is a tall skeleton(?) with a wide, sinister-looking grin and usually with a single eye raised, and another scrunched down, in a sassy manner. He does, in fact, have teeth, despite them not being visible on his overworld sprite. He wears a jet black long coat, jeans of the same color, tall, buttoned boots, and a white sweater. He has a crack from his left eye to near his mouth, and from his right eye to the back of his head.


  • As soon as one would meet him, his sarcastic demeanor and obsession with keeping timelines "proper" would be readily apparent.
  • One could easily notice that he has more minor variations of his brothers' negative traits - namely, Papyrus' arrogance and Sans' laziness - while lacking many of their better traits.
  • He hates rushing decisions and simplifying choices as black or white, and believes that all decisions require thought, unless said decisions are stupidly obvious.
  • He seems to enjoy soft drinks.


Wing Dings Gaster was the 5th royal scientist and performed major upgrades on the CORE after an energy leak nearly rendered New Home powerless. Gaster majorly opposed Asgore's plan to destroy the Barrier, not because he didnt want to leave the underground, but because he theorized that the Humans would be ready for them and overpower Asgore's army with weapons of extreme power the Monsters couldnt handle. Thus, he started work on an interdimensonal gateway in order to go to a place in time and space where the Monsters could escape the Underground and rule the world before Humans even existed(if they ever came to be in the first place). He hired various scientists, including the previously unknown Dr. Alphys, to work on the portal.It was a success, but when Gaster tried to activate it it blew up, destroying Gaster's physical form and scattering his SOUL across space and time and resulting in him gaining a sort of omnipotence. Now, Gaster is working on reforming his SOUL and returning to the Underground, although in what time period is unknown.

Fredbear and Freinds

Gaster is the father of Sans and Papyrus. While he mainly speaks in Wing Dings, he can also talk in other languages. He was the Royal scientist before Alphys, and a good one. He created the CORE and much of the technology in the Underground. He also performed many experiments on a lot of people, most nonlethal. Most. Some were rather dangerous, one in specific which had a 75% chance of severely handicaping or injuring a person, with a 5% chance of killing them. Suprisingly, not many people wanted to participate, so he decided to choose Sans and Papyrus as test subjects. Luckily, neither were injured. This gave Sans his powers. Papyrus also owns these powers, but since he was too young to remember the experiment, he does not know of his powers. And, for unknown reasons, this experiment gave Sans the ability to bleed. But not Papyrus. He was forced into the CORE after word got out that he experimented on his own children. However, unknown to everyone else, the massive amounts of energy contained in the CORE caused his particles to scatter, leaving him in a strange state between life and death.


See file "The Royal Experiments" for more information.

AU ideas


W.D. Gaster once developed a cure for a disease. However, the cure actually made people infected with MEME-ITIS!


Suddenly, Gaster became MEMESTER. His Stats are Over 9000 HP, 42 ATK, and 69 DEF. He constantly wears swag glasses, to make him hipper. He constantly rick-rolls people by teleporting into their house and singing "MAYA HEE" at the top of his lungs and teleporting away. The only exception is Mettaton, where he yells "OHHHH NO HE'S HOOOOOTTTT". Sometimes, he'll go up to Undyne's spears and yell "WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOOOSE!?!??!"

His special attack is when he surrounds his enemy in memester blasters, and memes them to death. there is a 99.999999994299969999999001% chance that they will not turn into a meme. Sans defied those odds and became the meme "geeettttttt dunked on!!!". Memester now spends his days in the memevoid, an empty pocket in space full of memes. Legend has it that all memes originated from Memester. Only time will tell....

His famous entry goes as follows:

  • ENTRY NUMBER 1337.
  • VERY
  • VERY

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