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"Just your normal ten-year-old kid at your service! What can I help you with today? "



Clover is a ten-year-old bunny like monster with a passion to help everyone and everything. Clover doesn't know his family or friends as he woke up in Waterfall with no memory of his family or even himself. All he remembered was his name and basic knowledge.

Clover is often found by himself in Snowdin or helping out other people. He's quite friendly and is quite fun to hang around by. Though not knowing his past, Clover tries his best trying to find it, while still making friends and perhaps change the world.


Clover being the child he is, is very nice and kind to everyone, both humans and monsters, but since he is a child he will sometimes mess up either tripping into a snow pile or falling off a tree branch. However, he is okay most of the time and laughs it off. Clover is very loyal and trusting to people he cares about, though he is gullible and will often fall for traps. He loves encouraging others, hoping to cheer them up, unless it gets really personal. This does not stop him from trying to get the player to turn to a better path and stop killing monsters. Clover suffers from mild depression but never lets anyone see it. He doesn't like failure and often apologizes frequently or feel down for the day.


Clover is a 5'1 anthropomorphic floppy eared bunny child. His fur is quite fuzzy and light green while the soles of his feet are white and have brown eyes, his left being covered by bandages. He's barefoot and commonly wears a green sweater (slightly darker than his fur) with sleeves that seem a little long for him, along with some lightish brown pants. His most iconic feature is his long blue scarf which ends in a yellow tip.


Despite being a monster Clover cannot or is unable use magic. He never really tries though so who knows. Being a bunny he is naturally fast and agile being able to leap high distances. Other than that Clover is just your average 10-year kid who doesn't like fighting a lot. Although he does have pretty fast instinctive capabilities. Weapon wise is just a small dagger Clover keeps with him at all times. It's mainly used for non combative purposes however like peeling a fruit.



  • Unknown


  • Lila: The first friend clover ever made. Clover looked up to Lila and was heartbroken when she disappeared. His still hangs around her disappearance and it gets him down at times.
  • Bryson : One of the very first friends clover made. He enjoys being around him a lot and often at times gives him gifts with the small amount of gold he has.
  • Paz: Clover likes Paz very much and often says she is his best friend. Although he will try his best not to admit it, he loves Paz and is also her current boyfriend. Due to his personality, he blushes a lot around Paz and will stutter in most cases. Sadly, however, they are not together anymore. Clover hopes one day that they can be back together.
  • Admiral Banjuro Koden : Clover met Admiral when he found him drowning in the water. So he ran over and dragged him out. After saving him the boys exchanged names and soon became friends. Clover is glad to another friend and will help him in times of need like once before.
  • Platinum Alucard : Although at first Clover was annoyed at her tackling him all the time. He eventually got used to it and sometimes enjoys it. Clover considers Plantinum his friend despite the shaky first encounter.


  • I think you mean friends


  • No such thing



  • HP:1000
  • AT:2
  • DF:5
  • EXP On Kill:125
  • Gold on Win:100


  • HP:1000
  • AT:2
  • DF:5
  • EXP On Kill:50
  • Gold on Win:75


  • HP:1500
  • AT:5
  • DF:10
  • EXP On Kill:1250
  • Gold on Win:250


Greet, Joke, Taunt, Flirt

Check Dialogue: The kid who wants to help the world! [Neutral/Pacifist]

Check Dialogue: Is killing a child worth it? [Genocide]



Clover greets you with a friendly wave and smile. [Neutral or pacifist route]

Clover stands in your way with a serious look. [Genocide route]

Flavor Text

Clover greets back with a smile and a wave. [Greet]

Clover laughs at your joke. [Joke 1]

Clover merely chuckles with your next joke. [Joke 2]

Clover cocks his head to the side smiling, seemingly done with jokes. [Joke 3 and over]

Clover seems unaffected by your taunt and merely smiles. [Taunt]

Clover looks very confused and blushes for a moment. [Flirt]



"So I've heard you've been killing people...I...I want to stop you. To stop you from this bad path" [Clover encountering frisk]

"I Don't want to hurt you. I just want you to stray away from this. Away from this killing." [After first attack]

[From this point on this will be clover's main battle genocide dialogue]

"Please stop this! You don't have to kill anyone! We Can all be friends!"

"Why do you do this? Why the killing, Why the slaughtering? What does this give you?"

"I beg you please. Please go away from this path you're walking. We can all find peace somewhere! Right?"

"I Believe in you! I Believe no matter how evil you are there is goodness inside! So please stop!"

"I know this from heart! I know that somewhere in a person, There is a spark. A small spark just waiting to just come out and turn into a flame. A flame of kindness."

"Ow...I know I may not have family, But I have friends. Lots of friends who care about me. They support me in my roughest time and help me feel better. If you kill everyone. There will be no one to care for you. To love you." [Clover at 50% hp]

"I care about you! I want to show you the world with everyone! The beautiful world of the underground just waiting to be explored!"

"I know you cared about someone once! Family, Friends and everyone! You cared about them as they cared about you!"

"So put down your weapon and stray away from this killing! I believe everyone should have a second chance! I believe you should have a second chance!"

"Ah...I feel my soul fading away..." [Clover at 25% hp]

"I see you won't stop attacking...Please I beg you....stop...."

"You won't stop then....very well...I know I can't stop you...I've tried I've failed...Kill me then human...But I ask you one favor before I die...Please take what I said into heart. Please...just for me..." [Clover close to dying]

"You know...I wish we could've been friends...Just for a day...I liked to be friends with you...just one day...There would be no killing...Only kindness and friendship....Maybe we could of been good friends you know?" [Clover's last words before he dies]

"I knew it! You can still be a good person after all! All you had to do was try!" [Clover if the player tries to spare him]

"Wha...wha?...But...I this what it feels like to be betrayed?..." [Clover if killed by the player when spared]


  • Clover hates getting petted on the head and getting called cute.
  • He has a way of always getting himself in trouble.
  • He has a heart locket hidden in his scarf.
  • His stats are weak due to his pacifist nature
  • Clover mainly sleeps outside but sometimes sleeps in the Snowdin Inn
  • Clover keeps a gold flower he and Lila grew together, now he takes care of it in her memory


Credit for the sprite Zmubashir25 made for me!

Credit to all the great artists that drew clover for me!

Credit to Blade for creating the battle sprite!


Kool overworld

An overworld sprite made by me hoorayyyy