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Cry Of Monsters
"I've always felt alone..."
―An Infamous Quote
Cry Of Monsters is an Alternate Universe (AU) Created by THE WAR KID on the 23rd of April, 2016. The AU Mainly consists of depression and all that, consisting on the main characters, both OC and Canon, having dark pasts, or 'curses' on them.

Main Story

Long ago, two races ruled the Earth, Humans & Monsters.

One day, war broke out between the two.

After a long battle, humans won.

They sealed them underground with a Barrier.

And they say those few who venture to the field, never return.

But nobody, not even humans, went out unscathed.

Many of them had nightmares, and much, much more.

Cry Of Monsters is an AU that focuses on characters depression, anxiety, despair, and hatred, along with other things that cause the character to be sad, depressed, and what not, and to investigate them to the deepest possible levels of the horror that resides in their minds.


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Settings and Locations


Canon Characters

This is a list of canon characters for Cry Of Monsters. Ask THE WAR KID before adding any characters.

Main Characters

Sans - He knows of timelines and Frisk's reset ability, and has nightmares cuase of this.

Frisk - They have the looming fear of unintentionally becoming a geno.

Secondary Characters


Side Characters


Original Characters

This is a list of original characters for Cry Of Monsters. Ask THE WAR KID before adding your character. Do not add a character to the: Main Characters list without Heavy permission and lore checking from THE WAR KID and RebelWhisper.

Possible characters

Note: You dont need permission to add OCs here.

Reddest? - WIP

Gabriel - WIP

Confirmed Characters

Naifu - WIP

Yukino - WIP

Main Characters

Derek - One of the main characters, Derek has large amounts of bad things. So much, he's created mind entities because of it.

Valenstein - WIP

Secondary Characters


Side Characters



Cry Of Monsters



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