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Adopted from Daponyx

Cystellar is the son of two unnamed monsters. He, as well as his mother, fought in the war between humans and monsters. He currently resides in Waterfall, but can often be seen in Snowdin or Hotland.


Cystellar's father died an hour before he was born, so he had never knew him. He always hung around his mother, being the only child. They had a good relationship, and Cystellar considered his mother his best friend. However, the war between humans and monsters abruptly began, and him and his mother were both forced to fight.

By the end of the war, the monsters were sealed away with a barrier. Cystellar traversed to the Underground, but sadly, his mother never came with him. He did not think she was dead, however, but rather that she was still on the surface, hiding from humans and trying to search for him.

When any human falls into the Underground, Cystellar expresses his need to use their SOULs to go back to the surface to seek out his long lost mother, if she is still alive. However, due to the war, he's grown to have a strong dislike to violence. As such, it hasn't occurred to him that taking a human's SOUL will kill them. However, he will still fight them if they encourage it.


Cystellar can often be seen wearing dark gray pants with navy colored boots. He also wears a light gray shirt, which is usually visible unless wearing armor, which is rare. However, his shirt and armor noticeably don't have much of a backside, which is most likely for his wings, which are more of a sky blue color opposed to the dark orchid color of his skin.

He has dark brown messy and short hair, as well as green eyes with an oval pupil shape. His hands and feet consist of more claw-like fingernails, in which they are a dark violet color. He also has small fangs, and pointy- but somewhat fuzzy- ears.


Cystellar does not like to fight, but when he is fighting, he is strong due to his experience. Despite this, he will often try to spare whoever he fights, and will offer them to go to Grillby's or Sans' hot dog stands. He would really like to attempt to make friends, but has a lot of fears that hold him back, such as unintentionally hurting them.

However, Cystellar can often get upset and just be hiding out in his house. This would be the only time in which if anyone were to talk to him, he would be rather snappy and short tempered. It is most likely depression over the death of (possibly) both of his parents, as well as his loneliness.


HP: 500
ATK: 7
DEF: 8