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This is a lyric video of "Acupuncture," Needleteeth's battle theme (part 2), requested by Holy Wyvern. For the video I used my own artwork and lyrics.

This took a little longer than I wanted because it was a long one and I have perpetual carpal tunnel because I'm a jerk 0 o0.

I hope you enjoy, though! Next on the agenda is Fallen Down and then (or before then) Metal Crusher.

Needleteeth is an Undertale OC by Holy Wyvern (you can learn more about him on the Undertale RP Wiki at his article: )

Acupuncture was composed by Geshtro.


Hollow and empty A void stands here before me

Yet I’m determined It’s I who’ll make you perish

My strength, defenses Patience, are at their limit

I’m not defeated Rather, the fight’s beginning

(D’you really think that you’ll win so easily?)

I’ll save everyone After your life has ended

So FIGHT if you dare I swear that you’ll regret it

(When you play with needles you're bound to get pricked)

Your hope, I’ll consume Their’s, though, will be protected

All of the dust and the blood that stains your wicked hands There’s no waterfall that could wash them clean again

This empty land full of silence and the smell of fear It all is because you’re the one who fell down here.

Evil, a traitor You are the real monster

Barely a human I’m sure that none will miss you

Open my third eye Shake off all my injuries

Though you’re persistent I swear you won’t get through me

(Don’t waste your time reading this text dialogue)

My bones are aching I know I’m greatly wounded

I cannot heal this I’ll just make you as helpless

(We want the end so if you'll just hurry up)

Now, on the same ground You’ve got no more advantage

I never wanted to fight with anyone again But now that I am there will be no holding back

You thought that you could kill me with just a single hit? I’ve got news for you, I’m not a mere monster, kid

Torn to pieces Almost dusted Rescued and Experimented

You SAVE, you RESET Yes, I know all about it

It makes no difference I’ll make you pay regardless

Again, and again How long have we been fighting?

Throwing you through rifts Use wings to send you flying

(Don’t waste your time reading this text dialogue)

Kill you, consume you Blasting you into nothing

Faster and stronger Than you believed I could be

(We want the end, so if you'll just hurry up)

A special attack I’ll use it just as they did

How many times have those voices yelled at you to FIGHT? And how many times do you think that you’ve died?

You are not gone yet as far as I can understand... But surely you will soon enough to me, human

Humans were like this Long as I can remember

Always so desperate To live a little longer

Back then, on that day I witnessed humans’ power

Fighting the monsters Until they were the victor

(D’you really think that you’ll win so easily?)

Liars and traitors You, too, aren’t any different

That power’s in you With it you’ve killed my friends

(When you play with needles you're bound to get pricked)

You’re just a fool, but The fool who gets the ending...

How could this be that I’m falling after everything? I tried, but it seems that I failed to change a thing

You will regret what you’re doing here after I’m gone You get your EXP, but don’t think you’ve really won

Turned to dust and Left for dead But maybe Some of me is still left

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