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Don't RP as this character, kay? I mean, it's pretty obvious, but some people can be stupid.


"What? I'm not gonna let you hit me, that's absurd."

- Jason, genocide

Jason Mo'ores is a monster thief who practically never shows his face, and a lot is not known about him. His friends, however, (Which is practically none, due to him not wanting to make friends) say he is quite nice if you get to know him. He is know to have pale skin, and is humanoid in appearance.

He is a fast dodger and runner, and can parkour rather easily, without getting tired. While his stats are weak, his punch can pack a lot more damage then seems feasible, and he is very handy with  wielding a single one-handed sword, and always has his trust dagger in it's sheath.

He always wears a red jumper, with a white, blue or orange shirt underneath, and blue jeans with black trainers. There's 3 different looks to him while battling.

Face hidden (Pacifist) He's not taking the battle seriously, and probably doesn't want to fight.

A red glint from his eye (Neutral) He's curious about you and/or the result of the battle.

Red eye (Genocide) He's trying his best, and won't be defeated easily.



  • None


  • A few random monsters in the underground


  • none


  • Royal guard, anyone who wants to take him in/out, Dark


HP: 2050 ===

AT: 11

DF: 8

EXP: 56

GOLD: 236


Check [ 4 AT, 5 DF, Seems to have very little health ]


1. Two fists punch down to the bottom of the box from the top in a random order, with a half-second warning.

2. A sword slashes from left to right, with a random part of the blade being blue. It can be identified as it swings 3. A Dagger is thrown straight at the soul at a high speed. This attack does massive damage, but only appears once.


Dodge - He's a good dodger

Cheat - He doesn't care who's turn it is, and attacks in the opponents turn

Lie - He can fabricate his check information. He's also really good at actually lying and convincing



A thief and his dagger stand before you.

Flavor Text

You can hear change clinking in his pocket. [General]

He holds his dagger in his hand [General]


  • Is wanted in the

every part of the underground.

  • Has surprisingly

never killed anyone.

  • Loves Glitchstep
  • His full face is

never shown, but his extremely pale hands are nearly always visible.

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A Jason drawing of him wearing a bandana to cover his face.