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"Human, Human! Fight me, I waited for this day since forever!"
―Larry when trying to spare him
Larry is a monster of the species of monsters known as Chopps.


Larry seems to wear a red shirt over a green shirt. He wears black shorts, and wears pink shorts under them. He has black-ish hair. Similar to other Chopps, Larry looks like a human. He also, sometimes, wears sunglasses.

Likewise, he owns a royal guard set of armor, a sword, and some small mittens. He doesn't wear this over a cardboard replica.

Larry the Hero's design is holding his sword, cardboard armor, and full over tears across his face. LTH also features Harcule's cape, and Trent's shirt, broken into tiny pieces.


Larry is a idiot. However, he is good at strength, speed, and other activities. He often times calls his own friends stupid or a different name. However, he is a pretty nice guy if you ignore his idiotic ways. Despite this, he is unaccepting towards people who harm his pals, Harcules and Trent, and would hate them, even if it was a joke.

When Larry realizes his friends have disappeared for good, he becomes Larry the Hero. In this state, Larry is much more smart, strong, and heroic then his true intentions. He gains a bit of Harcules and Trent's personalities when he enters this form, such as belief of greek legends and a rude attitude.


Larry was at one point just a idiot. Than, one day, he won a race. He thought that this meant he was a terrific athlete, and went on to do more stunts and activities. After becoming friends with Trent, he begins to work as a body guard and back-up for his and Beat's concerts. After the incident happened ,when Trent almost died, and Beat forces him to give her all his money, Larry joins the Royal Guard into helping others, and eventually Trent. He soon meets Harcules, who becomes best friends with him.

After Larry messed up and failed while fighting a human, he quit the Royal Guard, and moved on to sports once again. He currently runs all around the underground, still thinking he is a Royal Guard for some reason.


ATK- 30

HP- 200

Def- 60

EXP when killed- 13

Gold when Killed- 1

Act Options- Check, Gloat, Challenge,


ATK - 50

HP - 900

DEF - 40



Genocide Route (Larry becomes a hero!)

Flavor Text

  • Larry runs near!
  • He says he is a terrific athlete .
  • You call Larry terrific. He agrees
  • You improve Larry's vanity.
  • You call Larry terrific yet again! His vanity continues
  • You ask him for a race after this is done. He accepts
  • Smells like odor.
  • You do nothing. Larry gets confused


  • Oh, hello!
  • I'm terrific!
  • Yes, i'm very terrific!
  • A race! That is terrific!
  • Are you ignoring me? What does ignore mean anyway?
  • On the subject, what does vanity mean?


  • His appearance is inspired by one of the Toss Boys from Rhythm Heaven.


Thanks to everyone who made this page possible! and Credit to Rhythm Tengoku for the sprite of my character.