Hiff The Temmie

aka Mina C. Whiskers (coverup name)

  • I live in Temmie Village
  • I was born on June 1
  • My occupation is Chef
  • I am Female
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  • I am a warrior in WindClan. I am hunting for prey to feed the clan. I enter the forest searching for prey and see no other choice but to kill it." "But you are not killing them, they have chosen to live here with us!" You say. "They do what they want," he says simply. "The point is that we don't need any more of their kind here.

    > "But we need prey to survive!" I said to Foxclaw. "They are food for the clan!"

    He looks at you as if he has just realized something very important. He slowly nods his head. "Yes, yes... Yes..." he says quietly before continuing.

    > "And you are a fox"

    You look at him and nod your head. "Very good then, I shall be off now." You turn around and walk away from the camp. You hear a few angry shouts followed by some yelling about you being an idiot, but you ignore them all.

    > I catch a rabbit.

    It's time to hunt. You walk into the woods and begin looking for rabbits. You find several small ones, but nothing big enough to eat. You also notice a lot of deer hiding in the trees so you decide to take one out too.

    > It is hard to take down deer because I am a cat, but I try my best

    You jump up and grab a deer by its neck. It struggles, but you manage to pull it out of the tree. The deer turns to flee, but you leap after it and pounce on top of it.

    > Take the deer back to camp

    You quickly run back to the camp and bring the deer back to the Clan Mother. She takes it gratefully and thanks you profusely for returning her prey. She tells you that she will make sure that there are always plenty of rabbits in the future. A year passes...

    > It's time for the gathering.

    You've been working hard at the Gathering for almost a year now. You're getting close to the end and you feel like it's finally time to go home.

    > No, I meant that it's time for the annual gathering of all the clans.

    You tell the Clan Mother that you won't be coming this year. She seems disappointed, but accepts your decision. You know that there is still work to be done and you can't leave everything until tomorrow when the next Gathering begins.

    > I walk over to Foxclaw. "I'm not going to the gathering this year. Are you going?"

    Foxclaw looks at you with surprise. "Oh! Of course not, why would I go? We'll be fine without me." "Well, I was hoping that you might come to help me prepare the trees for the Gathering." "Prepare the trees? For what purpose?"

    > "So that they will not fall."

    "For what purpose?" "To keep us safe during the Gathering." Foxclaw smiles.

    > "After all, a tree fell on ThunderClan not too long ago."

    Foxclaw frowns. "What do you mean?" "The trees have been weakened by years of neglect. They are weak and will break under our weight if we don't get them ready soon." "We should gather the trees anyway, isn't that what you want to do?"

    > "We must gather all the trees!"

    "Yes, yes, we must gather all the trees!" Foxclaw says happily. "And how do you propose to do that?" You explain about the Gathering and how you plan to strengthen the trees. He listens intently as you give an overview of each step.

    > At the gathering, I see Badgerpaw from ShadowClan. It is almost time for ThunderClan to announce their news.

    It's nearly time for the announcement of the news of the Gathering. You look around and see several members that you haven't seen in a while. You hear a loud voice from above. "ThunderClan, welcome to the Gathering!"

    > "ThunderClan is very well this year," Firestar says. "Prey is running well."

    Firestar nods. "Indeed, that's one of the reasons why we need to gather more prey." You nod in agreement. "Good, good, let's start preparing now then." Firestar smiles. "Of course, of course."

    > Now it is Shadowclan's turn to announce their news.

    You wait patiently for the announcement of the news of the Gathering. Suddenly, you hear a shout from above. "ShadowClan, welcome to the Gathering!" You turn around and see Foxpaw standing on top of his house.

    > Foxclaw looks at the cat from another clan bearing his prefix.

    "Hello, Foxpaw." You say. Foxpaw looks up at you and gives a smile. "Hi, ShadowClan." You shake your head. "No, Foxpaw, it's nice to meet you too."

    > Blackstar announces some things. "ShadowClan is doing ok, but Littlecloud is sick." He looks over at Firestar. "He should be OK, though. ThunderClan has offered us some catmint to cure him."

    Firestar nods. "That's right, he needs catnip." Littlecloud is sick? How did that happen? You quickly ask the other Clan Leaders. The answer comes back in a flash. "A little bird told me."

    > It is finally time for my clan, WindClan, to announce our news. Foxclaw and I stare up at Onestar, our leader, in anticipation.

    Onestar slowly raises his hand and speaks. "WindClan, welcome to the Gathering!" You raise your fist into the air. "Welcome to the Gathering!" Foxclaw nods. "I'm glad you're here, Foxpaw."

    > Foxclaw whispers to me, "Rainfur, I wonder if Onestar is going to mention Hareleap?"

    You look down at the ground. "Hareleap?" Foxclaw shakes his head. "Not yet, no." You look up at Onestar who doesn't seem to notice you staring at him. "Maybe he won't." You think to yourself.

    > Onestar begins his announcement. "WindClan is doing well. We have 2 new apprentices, Creampaw and Ebonypaw!"

    The crowd cheers loudly. "Creampaw and Ebonypaw are great talents! They will make excellent WindClansmen!" Onestar smiles. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" He waves his hands to the crowd.

    > Onestar then looks at Hareleap and says "Sadly, Ashfoot has passed away in an avalanche. Some better news, though, is that our new deputy is Hareleap!

    You onestar smiles. "Hareleap was a fine apprentice." Hareleap had been a fine apprentice as well. He had done very well under your tutelage. You can only hope that he will do even better with Hareleap as his deputy...

    > I look at Foxclaw. "Hareleap was a fine warrior. He will do well as Deputy."

    You look at Foxclaw. "Yes, Hareleap was a fine warrior." Foxclaw nods. "I know he will." You both smile. "Now, the next clan is..."

    > "RiverClan." Says Mistystar as she bounded up the great rock. "We are doing quite well! Mintpaw and Blackpaw are our new apprentices!"

    Mistystar smiles. "Good, good! And you two will be great warriors as well!" She claps her paws together. "And we are proud to announce that our newest member is the legendary RainbowCloud!"

    > I look at the ground. Rainbow used to be a rather aggressive rouge. It's a wonder that RiverClan has managed to make her into one of their warriors!

    You look at the ground. "RainbowCloud was a great warrior, yes." You nod. "She'll do well as a warrior." Blackpaw bows his head. "It's my pleasure, Mistress." He says softly.

    > "Right then," says Firestar. "I believe that is all the news the four clans have to share. You all can talk!"

    You wave your hand dismissively. "No, there is more to come." You turn to the crowd. "This gathering is not just about the four Clans, but also about the whole forest." You point at Onestar.

    > Onestar looks at me. "Oh yes, Foxclaw! I believe that is who you are referring to? The fox that is now a warrior?"

    You nod. "Indeed, Foxclaw. I am Onestar, the Great Spirit of the Forest." You stand before the gathered warriors. "Today we gather to celebrate our accomplishments and future plans. Tomorrow we will begin planning for war against those who would destroy us."

    > "Do you mean The Dark Forest?" says Squirrelflight of ThunderClan.

    "Well, yes. Yes, I suppose so." You reply. Squirrelflight frowns. "Then what does this gathering really mean?" You shrug. "What it means is that we are preparing ourselves for the coming conflict with the Dark Forest."

    > Suddenly, Tigerstar of The Dark Forest comes from the river with Hawkfrost and Mapleshade! He starts to talk. "It is time to take over the clans!"

    Tigerstar raises his arms. "Come on, come on! Come on! We need to unite the clans to defeat the Dark Forest!" Mapleshade shakes his head. "That won't work, Tigerstar. The Dark Forest is too strong and cunning for us."

    > Suddenly, Ivypaw looks over at the Dark Forest cats. "I thought you were training me to be a better warrior, not take over the other clans!"

    You look at Ivypaw. "The Dark Forest is too strong and cunning for us." Ivypaw sighs. "So, you're saying we should join forces with them instead?" You shake your head.

    > Bluestar comes down from StarClan with Spottedleaf and Yellowfang! We are all ready to fight the Dark Forest as all of the cats from all the clans come to the battlefield. Leafpool cries out. "We shouldn't fight! The island of gatherings is a place of peace!"

    Spottedleaf snorts. "Peace? They've been killing each other for centuries! Why should we start now?" Yellowfang raises an eyebrow. "But isn't fighting the only way to keep peace in the forest?" Leafpool looks at you and sighs.

    > I am confused.

    You are confused. "Why are they trying to get rid of the clans?" You ask. Spottedleaf looks at you. "Because if we don't, then the Dark Forest will rule the world! That's why!" Leafpool nods.

    > "That's right," says Jayfeather. "We must fight the Dark Forest!"

    You raise your hands. "Yes, that is correct. The Dark Forest will conquer the world if we don't stop them." Jayfeather smiles. "Good, good! Let's go!" You nod and walk off towards the center of the camp.

    > I lunge at Mapleshade with claws out, landing on her back. I start to scratch her ears.

    You grab Mapleshade by the ear and bite into her neck. She lets out a yelp, but doesn't try to defend herself. You let go of her ear and roll away from her.

    > Foxclaw goes after Hawkfrost, leaving me and Lionblaze to fight Mapleshade. Lionblaze pins Mapleshade to the ground so I can attack her.

    You quickly run forward and grab Hawkfrost by the throat. You twist his body around so he is facing you. "Hawkfrost, why are you helping Mapleshade?" He turns to glare at you.

    > Hawkfrost talks. "The Dark Forest will rule the world no matter what!"

    "Yeah, yeah, whatever you say kid." You turn your attention back to Mapleshade. "Now tell me why you want to join our side against the Dark Forest." She growls. "They killed my brother!" She points her finger at you.

    > Breezepelt then attacks us.

    You hold up your paw. "What?" She grins. "I'm going to kill you!" You slap her hand away and punch her in the face, knocking it clean off. She grabs your arm and punches you in the stomach, sending you flying backwards.

    > He tries to kill me, but I kick him off with my hind paws.

    You stand up and kick her off of you. She falls to the ground. "No! I won't let you hurt my family!" She runs at you, but you leap onto her back and pin her arms behind her back.

    > What is even happening anymore?

    You look over at Mapleshade who is still standing there. "Mapleshade, why did you help her?" She shrugs. "It was the right thing to do." You smile. "Well, I guess it was."

    > Mapleshade starts to fade away while Breezepelt puts his attention on Tigerstar. "I want to join you!" He says.

    You blink. "Breezepelt, why didn't you just leave us alone?" He sighs. "I wanted to join you guys because I know you're all fighting the Dark Forest together, but I couldn't. It would've been suicide for me."

    > Foxclaw is defeating Hawkfrost. I walk up to Breezepelt. "Breezepelt, why can't you see that they're using you to take over?"

    "Because I'm not an idiot, boyo." You laugh. "Oh come on, Breezepelt. You think I'd be willing to work with someone like you?" He shakes his head.

    > Suddenly, while his back is turned, Lionblaze pounces on Breezepelt!

    You jump up and throw Breezepelt hard into the wall. He lands heavily on his butt. "I'll get you next time," he says as he stands up. Lionblaze looks down at him, and then back to you.

    > Breezepelt runs away, but then Tigerstar turns to us. "I refuse to give up! We WILL take over!"

    Tigerstar walks towards you. "We're gonna win this war, boyo!" You raise your paw. "Then we'll win it together." Tigerstar smiles. "Alright then, we'll have to meet again soon." He heads off into the forest.

    > I start to shed tears. Why did I say that? I don't want to be with the Dark Forest!

    You sniffle. "Why did I say that? What did I mean by that?" Rainfur looks at you. "Didn't you hear what Breezepelt said? They're planning to take over the world!" You shake your head. "That's impossible."

    > Foxclaw looks at me.

    You turn around and glare at him. "The Dark Forest will never conquer the world." He nods. "Yeah, I agree." Then he laughs. "But I believe we can do it anyway! If we work together, we can make them lose!"

    > "I have an idea," I say out loud. "I

    You nod. "Okay, so how about you go find some other members of our clan and tell them to gather in the center of the village. I'll lead the attack from there." "What?!" You ask. "How?" "Just follow me."

    > "I'm going to spy on the Dark Forest and pretend I'm one of them.

    "I'm going to spy on the Dark Forest and pretend you're one of them," you say. You wait until nightfall before sneaking out of the village. You sneak through the trees and eventually reach a clearing where several dark-colored creatures are gathered.

    > Darkstripe talks to Tigerstar. "So, how are we going to take over?" Before Tigerstar can answer, I walk into The Dark Forest.

    You immediately recognize one of the beings as a tigerstripe. "This is the Dark Forest?" you ask. "Yes, yes it is," he replies. "Now then, let's talk." Tigerstar begins talking in riddles.

    > "We will attack at the sign of the moon. Our plan to take over will involve following the dark, breezy path." He says. I am confused. "What do you mean?" I ask.

    "It means that when the moon is full, we'll use our tails to confuse their eyes and then strike. Once they've lost focus, we'll rush in for the kill." You sigh. "Sounds complicated." Tigerstar chuckles.

    > "It was a joke," He says.

    "No, no it wasn't!" you exclaim. Tigerstar frowns. "Well, if you insist..." He says. You sigh and continue to ponder the matter.

    > Tigerstar looks at me. "It is a prophecy, like the ones from StarClan. It's a riddle you have to solve."

    Tigerstar continues to speak. "If you were a star, would you be able to fly?" "Flying is easy," you reply.

    > Being WindClan, I run very, very fast out of the Dark Forest and talk to Foxclaw.

    You run faster than a cheetah and talk to Foxclaw. "Hey, you're not Breezepelt or something, are you?" "No," he says. "And I'm not a Dark Forest cat either." You smile. "Then who are you?"

    > "I'm just a fox. A fox warrior." He says. I tell him about Tigerstar's riddle.

    "Oh, I see. So you want to join us because you think we're clever." You shrug. "Maybe."

    > "No," I say. "Tigerstar gave me a riddle. It says that the Dark Forest will attack at the sign of the moon and that his plan to take over will involve following the dark, breezy path. Do you know what it means?"

    He stares at you. "Aye, I do. But it doesn't mean anything to me."

    > "Can you tell me?" I ask Foxclaw.

    "Sure. It means that the Dark Forest is an enemy of yours. They will attack at the sign of the moon, but they won't be able to follow your path."

    > "So we should try to confuse them?" I ask,

    "That sounds good," he says. You nod. "Okay, so where does this dark path lead?" you ask.


    "To the forest's heart, which lies deep within the woods. There, you can find all things." You look around. "How far is it?" you ask. "About five miles." He replies. You nod and continue on your way to the Dark Forest.

    > Hawkfrost jumps on me. "Oh, wait, you're that cat Tigerstar made an alliance with." He leaves us alone.

    You walk through the forest for several hours until you reach a clearing. You see a large tree in the center of the clearing. On top of it sits a massive black cat with long feline ears and claws. His fur is dark gray, almost black, and covered in fine white hairs.

    > I recognize this as Darkstripe.

    Darkstripe's eyes light up. "Hello!" he says. You turn and stare at him. "What the hell are you doing here?" you ask. "Me? Oh, me! We've been friends since we were kittens." "Kittens?"

    > "I'm not that old." I say to Darkstripe.

    "Ah, yes. Well, I suppose that makes you older then me." Darkstripe smiles. "Well, if that's how you feel, why don't we play some games?" You shake your head. "I have a lot of work to do today."

    > Foxclaw asks Darkstripe about the riddle.

    "The Dark Forest will attack at the sign of the moon, but they'll be unable to follow my path." Darkstripe nods. "Yes, that's pretty much right. Now let's get started." He begins walking towards the trees while you stand there staring at him.

    > Suddenly, I wake up from my dream.

    You open your eyes and find yourself lying on the ground. A cat is sitting next to you. "What the hell am I dreaming about?" you ask. "Nothing, just a really weird dream." The cat replies. "Let's go back to sleep."

    > Me and Foxclaw go back to sleep.

    You and Foxclaw both fall asleep again. When you wake up, you realize that you forgot to eat breakfast. You quickly remember what happened yesterday and decide to take care of it now before it gets worse.

    > I eat a mouse. "So, do you think the Dark Forest is really trying to take over?" I ask Foxclaw.

    "No idea. Maybe." Foxclaw replies. You sit down on a log and begin eating the mouse you found earlier. It tastes awful, but you figure it has to be better than nothing. As you eat, you notice something strange...

    > There is a dog in camp!

    A dog comes running out of the bushes. You jump off your log and run after it. It runs into a small stream and disappears underwater. You swim after it, but you aren't fast enough to catch up with it.

    > The dog leaves us alone for now.

    You keep swimming after the dog, hoping that it doesn't know where you went. After a few minutes, you come across another small stream. This one leads to a cave entrance. You enter the cave and continue swimming along its walls until you reach a dead end.

    > I rise up from the stream and find out that I am now in RiverClan territory.

    You swim upstream and eventually reach a large river. There are several small islands floating in the water. You see a couple of other animals swimming around in the area, but you can't tell which ones belong to which tribe yet.

    > Then, I see a kitten in the water! I try to save it.

    You swim downstream and see a kitten swimming in the water. You grab it and pull it out of the water. "It's alive!" you exclaim. You throw the little thing back into the water and start swimming back to camp.

    > I can tell that this is a ThunderClan kit, so I try to return it to ThunderClan camp.

    You swim back to camp and try to return the kit. Unfortunately, the kits have been taken by a group called the WindClans. They've also captured all of your kits as well. You don't want to fight against them, so you give up and decide not to help them anymore.

    > I talk to WindClan. "Why have we taken the kits?"

    You head to WindClan camp and speak with their leader, Bigfoot. He tells you that he knows why they took your kits: because they were too young to defend themselves.

    > I run away and become a rouge.

    You run away and become a rogue. You steal some food from a nearby village and hide it in your pack. You make sure to leave behind some of your own supplies as well. Soon, you're ready to go out into the world once more.

    > "I can't believe WindClan would steal kits like that!"

    You turn to WindClan. "WindClan, I'm sorry about what happened last time. But I can't let this happen again!" The WindClans look at each other and shake their heads. "We'll handle this," says Bigfoot.

    > I tell Onestar, the WindClan leader, about some of his warriors stealing kits.

    You say "Onestar, please tell me what exactly happened." He looks at you and smiles.

    > "The people who stole the kits will be punished." Says Onestar.

    "Yes, sir," Onestar replies. You say "And I'm going to report this to my Clanmates." You walk over to the nearest tree and sit down on a rock. You wait patiently for the wind to die down.

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  • I am a bacon hair named Su Tart in Meme Land. I am looking for the cinema so that I can go on a date with Hot Anime Babe. But then, I enter the forest and see a creepy! " You look around and see nothing out of the ordinary. You also notice that you are no longer feeling your usual energy levels. This is definitely not good. "What the hell? What's going on?!

    > Creepy is trying to turn me into a creepy, but then I escape with Hot Anime Babe.

    You decide to stay put and wait for the creepy to leave you alone. "Hey, what's wrong?" The creepy suddenly appears from behind you. He looks like he has been watching you all along. "Oh my god! It's just me!"

    > Suddenly, Hot Anime Babe turns into a creepy! Thanos tries to help me.

    "No, it's okay, I'm fine." Hot Anime Babe tells you as she turns back into her normal self. She then runs off. The creepy seems disappointed by this turn of events.

    > Thanos saves us, but then he turns into a creepy! I run away.

    This was really stupid. You ran away and Thanos turned into a creepy! You didn't even get to save yourself from being turned into one of those things. Then you hear some noise outside. A loud explosion followed by more explosions...

    > People were exploding and turning into creepies! I run to Bill's house.

    You run to Bill's house and open the door. "Bill, what happened?!" He answers.

    > "I am now buff!" He says.

    "Okay, I am now buff!" You reply. "That's great! Now we can go home!" You both hug each other and start hugging each other again. Then you begin running towards Bill's car.

    > We escape the creepies with Earthworm Sally and Green Screen Man.

    You run to Earthworm Sally who is still standing next to his trailer. "Earthworm, how did you do it?" You ask. "It was a simple matter of trial and error." He replies.

    > Everyone else turns into a creepy, but then I press a button and everyone turns to normal and the original creepy runs away.

    Everyone else turns into a normal, but then the original creepy runs away. You run up to Bill's car and press the button. You drive off and fly through space.

    > Bill says "I am here to deads you once and for all!"

    You land near Bill's house. "Alright, I have done it! I have made you into a freak!" You shout. "Yeah, yeah, whatever." Bill responds. "Now let's go home."

    > Motto Motto comes and saves me, and then everyone turns buff, even Earthworm Sally! She dances.

    You say "Let's go home!" Everyone turns into a normal, except Earthworm Sally who becomes a freak. "What the hell? This isn't working!" You exclaim. "It's not working because you're too dumb to know what you want to become." Bill explains.

    > Me and Bill battle.

    You decide that you need to be smart. You are going to fight Bill and win. "Hey, why don't you come on in here and see if your plan will work." Bill suggests.

    > Bill spontaneously combusts.

    You walk inside and find Bill sitting at a table. "So, you came back to save me." You say. "Well, yes and no." Bill responds. "But I'm not coming back here to help you either."

    > Su Tart and Hot Anime Babe live happily ever after.

    "Fine, fine." You say. "Here's what I think would work: We create an anime character called 'Tart' and make her into a hot babe." "And what makes you so sure this is going to work?

    > Hot Anime Babe is angry at Su Tart.

    "Because she's hot, and that's all I got." "Oh really? Well then, I guess you should just kill me right now."

    > Hot Anime Babe turns buff and fights Su Tart. What an unexpected turn of events!

    You suddenly feel like you've been hit by a truck. You look down and notice that you are now a beautiful woman. The only thing missing is the curves and bustiness of an anime babe, but then again, maybe that's what you were looking for anyway...

    > Su Tart and Hot Anime Babe have fused? What?

    You ask yourself "Why did I do that?" You decide to leave. You fly out of there, and then you realize that you are now a hot anime babe. Your name is Su Tart and you are a hot anime babe.

    > ...

    You are a girl with big dreams. You want to be a professional anime fan-girl. Unfortunately, you lack the talent and skills necessary to achieve such a goal. However, thanks to some strange happenstance, you get lucky enough to meet someone who can help you: Bill Cipher!

    > I thought Bill died already

    No, he didn't die. He was just sent back in time by his future self. In fact, he's probably still alive somewhere. And you are too!

    > Why is this now a conversation?

    You are glad to hear that Bill is still alive. It means you'll never have to worry about him disappearing again. However, it also seems odd that you're talking to a guy in a suit and not Bill himself.

    > Su Tart explodes.

    You don't know how you could have done something so stupid. You try to explain your actions, but you aren't getting anywhere. Bill looks at you with disappointment on his face.

    > I die.

    Su Tart dies. You die. - YOU DIED! GAME OVER! -

    > In Roblox Heaven, Su Tart discovers that he needs 3 million Robux to revive.

    You find out that you need 3 million Robux to resurrect. This is a lot of money, especially since you lost everything when you died. You wonder if you should spend it all on clothes or food. - YOU DIED! GAME OVER! -

    > Su Tart is rich, so he comes back and is now friends with Motto Motto.

    The idea of spending all that money sounds pretty appealing, so you agree to go back in time. You arrive at the past where you see Bill waiting for you. He says he has brought back the rest of your belongings from your death.

    > I deads Bill.

    You say "I'm sorry" and hug him. Then you both start crying. He tells you that he will take care of everything, but that he wants to make sure you are okay before doing anything else.

    > No!

    You decide not to go back in time. You figure you might as well enjoy your life right now. Your Roblox avatar disappears and you wake up in your house, which is exactly like it was before you died. - YOU DIED! GAME OVER! -

    > Su Tart does a big dance because he got the battle royale!

    It's been awhile since you've had any fun, so you decide to do a little battle royale. You run around the house and into your bedroom where you begin dancing. You get quite a few people watching as you perform various moves.

    > The end!

    You win! You win! You win!

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  • so hows your day my good freind

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    Hiff The Temmie
    Hiff The Temmie closed this thread because:
    Goodbye :)
    14:56, December 11, 2019

    just remove papy

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    • no no no, it wasnt tagged for paps, i had tem shop temmie in relationships. its removed now, thought i dont know if having a canon character as a friend counts as relationships. at least genetically it doesnt.

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    There’s some delicious drama going on! (In the story)


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    New thread!

    David is gone for being a cringelord!

    Also we have recently gotten a new User in the thread before this one: Klepto!


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