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"I-I'm scared of being killed! I know how many monsters wants to kill me for my SOUL and I ain't doing that! I don't wanna die!"


Michael is a 15-year-old white human male. He stands 6'1" tall. He has long blond hair that hangs down to his ears and is a bit messy when it comes to the rare time of brushing his hair. Commonly, Michael wears a gray long-sleeved sweatshirt, with 2 maroon parallel lines going across the bottom of his sleeves. He wears gray jeans, black and white shoes w/ white laces and black socks.

Michael's left arm is actually a prosthetic arm. He had to get a prosthetic arm after a scuffle between Le Gume, forcing Le Gume to dip Michael's arm into a bucket full of acid, melting his arm. His first prosthetic arm was rusty and constantly gets loose or spasms. However, he has recently gotten a new prosthetic arm that spasms rarely and never disconnects.


Michael has a personality that really takes a backstab into relationships. While he does his best to make himself an important person who can make friends easily, Michael tends to have a pessimistic, arrogant personality, especially when it turns out he's doing something wrong or he is wrong. When this happens, Michael loses basic knowledge or doesn't know what to do and resorts to blaming others or getting angry. He hates himself for this because he's lost friends because of this.


Michael lived a pretty basic life, as nothing much really happened to him other than the occasional big problem or situation, like a big birthday. However, his parents were having constant fights around the time Michael was 8 and they ended up divorcing after his father lashed out on his mother while they were both drunk. By 12, his sister moved away to go live with her boyfriend, leaving her mother and Michael alone together. They didn't have to worry about this too much, they would tend to go visit Michael's great great grandmother to bake pies or just to hang out and chat.

However at age 14 one night, he was kidnapped for ransom for $1,000. When his mom called the police and the police arrived, the kidnapper ran up Mt. Ebott and threw him into the mountain before running off. Michael landed on the flower bed, his screams from falling attracting Toriel to run over and see him. By now, he has lived 2 year in the Underground. He's built a cabin which took him a month and has developed friends with monsters he didn't see coming.



  • Theresa Carter [mother] (Very close as family and does activities together. They miss each other a lot.
  • Erik Carter [father] (Were very close until after his parents' divorce. He now calls him once every day to talk. Does kinda miss him.)
  • Alexis Fillmore (Used to hate each other as siblings when they were younger but have gotten more mature over the years. They haven't been able to stay in contact after Alexis left. Does miss her.
  • Beaulah Fillmore (Great great grandmother. Tends to be a bit arrogant but quirky despite her 83 years of age. Misses her.)

Main Characters

  • Toriel (Was essentially Michael's stepmom for a day, and he has grown to like her even after he left. He still regularly visits the good surprise of Toriel.)
  • Sans (Occasionally laughs at a bad joke every so now and then but they aren't great friends.)
  • Papyrus (Enjoys his company and his personality. Papyrus is his venting station and Papyrus is good at helping him smile.)
  • Undyne (Very rocky start and they still are acquaintances but aren't exactly friends. They can stand each other, though.)
  • Alphys (Didn't use to be good friends but after helping Michael fix his prosthetic arm they're very good friends now.)
  • Asgore (Has never actually seen him but is terrified of him because of his need for human souls.)


  • Duke Peasworth E. Go of New Home (When Michael ran out of his house, Duke lured him to comfort before attempting to murder him. They are now enemies, however, Michael loves peacocks, so he feels as if there's a chance to convince Duke to not murder humans. This is unlikely, however.)

Canon Interaction

If Michael appears in-game, he'd be inside his cabin on the couch, playing his clarinet. The player can interact with Michael and they won't fight at all in-game, regardless of route. But this is what you would encounter in a fight:


  • HP: 90
  • ATK: 20
  • DEF: 25


  • Check
  • His Arm
  • Sing
  • Mock


  • "Eyyy, maybe this could be a fun time!" [Encounter]
  • "..." [Neutral]
  • "Oh, it's a long story. We'll talk about it later." [His Arm]
  • "Hey, nice voice! I could play clarinet to this." [Sing 1]
  • "That's deep, man. Still, nice voice." [Sing 2]
  • "Okay was that necessary? It's not that bad of an arm!" [Insult 1]
  • "I'll go brush my hair if I need to." [Insult 2]
  • "..." [Insult 3+]

Flavor Text

  • *His hospitality is pretty refreshing. [Check]
  • *Michael wants to chat! [Encounter]
  • *Michael grips his fake arm in disappointment. [Neutral]
  • *He tries putting his hair down to make it nicer. [Neutral]
  • *He taps his foot, bored. [Neutral]
  • *He claps his hands together, bored. [Neutral]
  • *You ask why his arm looks weird. He sighs. [His Arm]
  • *You start singing a cheery tune. He lights up. [Sing 1]
  • *You start singing a sorrowful tune. He grabs his clarinet calmly. [Sing 2]
  • *You make fun of his arm. He frowns. [Insult 1]
  • *You laugh at his hair. He slaps his hair down. [Insult 2]
  • *You already run out of ideas on insults. He smirks. [Insult 3+]


  • Michael is bisexual.
  • Michael's favorite snack is crackers.
  • Michael's favorite FOOD is cheeseburgers.
  • Michael Carter is my real name and he used to be a self-insert in older versions. I've changed him for the better.
  • Michael has been featured in many other forms of RPing, like FNaF, Deltarune, IRL... Because I'm original. Yep.


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