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PartyTale is an AU created by the user Scientedfic on November 3, 2016.


Long ago, two races ruled the Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS.

One day, war broke out among the two races.

After a long battle, the humans were victorious.

They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell.


Somehow, however, the monsters were happy.

What they found was, not a barren wasteland, but a very upbeat place.

It was a place to party, have fun, and not care about what happened long before.

Sometimes, a human fell through the barrier. The monsters would greet them with joy, and would allow them to party.

When the human died, the monsters would story their SOUL into a jar, to one day break the barrier and party with the humans.

However, no human has entered... UNTIL NOW


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Party Ground The main area of this AU. This is where everyone gathers to party all the time! Some may be sleeping in their own areas while others are partying in this place.
The RUINs The place where Frisk first falls. Toriel is too busy partying with the others, and she only comes to the RUINs to cook food for the others, so instead, the River Person guides the human to the Party Ground, since the River Person doesn't care about partying.
Snowdin The area where Papyrus and Sans live in, along with other residents of Snowdin. It's mostly empty, as most of the residents are too busy partying to pay much attention, but Sans may occasionally come, as he gets too tired sometimes. Papyrus is rarely seen. Automated Wolf mains the area.
Waterfall The area where Undyne lives in, along with other residents of Waterfall. It's mostly empty, and the Echo Flowers retract ancient quotes from long ago... "Hey, does this thing work? Oh yeah, it does." Undyne may be in this area occasionally when she gets rather too hungover from the party. Shyren mains the area.
Hotland The area where Alphys lives in, along with other residents of Hotland. It's mostly empty, and Alphys herself rarely comes here, except to watch anime when she feels like it. Pyrope mains the area, as he doesn't like parties.
Spider Area The area where Muffet lives in, along with her fellow spiders. She normally lives in the area, but will occasionally join the Party Ground, where she sells her bakeries there, to great success, perhaps because of all the drinks (ketchup, orange juice, apple cider, etc.)
CORE The area where Mettaton lives in, along with other residents of the CORE. It's mostly empty, but is kept cool by the ice that drifts in from Snowdin by Automated Wolf. Mettaton never goes there, owing to the fun he gets from the party. Night Night mains the area, though he sleeps most of the time.
New Home The area where King Asgore lives in, along with fellow citizens. He never comes here anymore due to the fun he gets with the parties, along with the fact that he's on friendly terms with Toriel. The ghost of Asriel mains the area.


Main Characters

Name Description Abilities HP ATK DEF Special Move
Toriel Formally Asgore's wife, she divorced him after the death of Asriel. However, since then, she has been on friendly terms with Asgore. She is the cooker of the party. She only goes to the RUINs to cook for the party. Can use fireballs to make dance moves. 440 80 (6) 80 (1) Fireball Twist Grace Dance (yes, this is one move)
Sans The skeleton brother of Papyrus. He is known as a great dancer when he wants to be one, and has played the DJ, to Papyrus' distraught. However, he is lazy, and normally does not dance unless motivated, preferring instead to hang out at the Drinks area. He is the comedian of the party. He goes to Snowdin occasionally to sleep. Can use bones and Gaster Blaster to make dance moves 1 1 1 Party Floor Smash
Papyrus The skeleton brother of Sans. He is known as a clumsy dancer, but he yearns to aim to be the best dancer and replace Undyne as Dancer of the Year. He is the technician of the party, specifically making sure the dance floor is working like the puzzles he loves. He never goes to Snowdin, as he does not believe in sleep. Can use bones and spaghetti to make dance moves 680 20 20 Spaghetti Spinner Head Tornado Storm
Undyne Undyne is Captain of the Royal Guards. The Royal Guards make sure the party remains upbeat, and do not care whether a human falls through or not. She is one of the strongest monsters in the Underground. She has also won at least 20 Dancer of the Year Awards. She is the Obstacle Breaker of the party. She goes occasionally to Waterfall to recover from her hangovers. Can use spears to make dance moves 1500 50 (7) 20 (0) Storming Spear Green Geyser Pose
Alphys Alphys is the Royal Scientist of the Underground. She is the creator of Mettaton. She is the Master Technician of the party. She rarely goes to her lab, only going there to watch anime when she doesn't want to party. Can use manipulation of electricity 100 4 5 Continuous Flashing Robotic Anime Spin
Mettaton Mettaton is the robot created by Alphys from his ghost, Hapstablook. He is known as a great dancer, having won at least 10 Dancer of the Year awards, second only to Undyne the other at least 20 times. He is the Disco Ball repairman. He goes to the lab occasionally to find parts and bits to repair anything. Can use mini versions of himself 9,999 (box)

1,600 (EX)

30,000 (NEO)

30 (8) (Box)

47 (8)


90 (10)


255 (999) (Box)

47 (1) (EX)

9 (-40000)


Leg Fox Heart Blook Spin Twirl of Glamour
Asgore Asgore is the King of the Underground. He is much more majestic in dancing than most other monsters. He has only won the Dancer of the Year Award twice, both with Toriel. He is the safekeeper of the party. He may go to New Home to write in his diary. Can use trident and fireballs 3500 80 (Check)

10 (data)

80 (Check)

-30 (data)

Royal Trident Sea Spin of the Ball
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OC Characters





ATK DEF Special Move
Jerome Jerome is a mussel who used to live in Waterfall. However, after the Party Ground was complete, he moved into the aquarium in the place, leaving behind Onionsan. He is one of the entertainments of the party. He occasionally visits Waterfall to see Onionsan. Incredibly fast; can use mussel attacks 100 10 12 Water Tornado Extreme Spin of the Rain
Barry Barry is a teddy bear who used to live in Snowdin. However, after the Party Ground was complete, he ended up working as a cuddle bear in the place. He is the hugger of the party. He occasionally visits Snowdin to repair himself when necessary The power of other monsters 100 depends on attack type Cap at 1 damage Furry glow that makes you stare in awe


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