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Tesserect is an experiment created by a mysterious scientist before Gaster. She is composed of 2 cubes linked to eachother, one being on the inside and one being on the outside. She has 1 face per face, no pun intended. Each face has a different emotion, one being happy, another being sad, another being angry, and another being confused. The other 2 sides do not contain any faces, but instead just a flat surface. She is completely transparent, besides her hands and faces. She has 3 clawed fingers that float beside her.


A mysterious scientist- of whom no one had heard nor seen besides Asgore- was in the habit of creating experiments, for the purpose of destroying humanity. Tesserect was his 8th experiment. The scientist immediately lost Tesserect, as she had already no-clipped through a wall and left.

After a long time of wandering, she came across a strange gem. She took this gem, and had it hidden away inside of her. The gem, while being worn, gives off a small glow and provides the wearer with extra defense.


HP 4342
ATK 14
DEF 16 (+3 with gem)
EXP 44


  • Time Manipulation: For periods of 1 minute at most, Tesserect can form a small bubble in which time is either slowed down or sped up. The bubble cannot be destroyed by any being.
  • Projection: For a temporary amount of time, Tesserect can project an image of herself elsewhere.
  • Scratching: Using her claws, she can scratch other people.


  • If a light beam is focused enough and pointed at her, it may blind her and stun her.
  • For an unknown reason, Tesserect has a weakness to plasma.


  • Tesserect was inspired by actual tesseracts.
  • Tesserect's full name is A. Tesserect Cubiodin
    • The name was inspired by the movie Flatland, a movie adaptation of a book by the same name.
  • She can dislocate her organs.
  • Tesserect has the inability to understand how spheres work. She can view them, but is awfully confused by their nature.