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What kind of pages can I make?

You can make a page for pretty much anything, but the most common are OCs (Original Characters) and AUs (Alternate Universes).

How do I use templates?

To use a template type two opening braces ({{) then the name of the template you wish to use. If the template you are using has variables in it, type a pipe (|) and then fill out those variables, each one separated by a new pipe (|). When you're done, close it off with two closing braces (}}).

I need help with something. Who can I go to?

Contact any administrator or other staff member, and they should be able to answer any questions you have. If they cannot, they will redirect you to someone who can. You can also ask your fellow community members for help.

How do I contact a staff member?

Go here, scroll down, and click one of their usernames. It will take you to their message wall. Alternatively, you can use the contact info listed on their profiles.

How do I become an administrator?

We are not currently looking for new administrators (or any staff for that matter) as we have enough already, so you can't right now. However, even as a regular user you can still help the community out.

Featured Articles

Anyu is a nine-year-old dog monster who lives in the the town of Snowdin with her loving parents. She is kind and friendly, though she can also be a bit naive at times. She loves to play with her friends and also has a passion for singing. In fact, she dreams of one day becoming a pop star.

Anyu was born with a highly dangerous birth defect. Her defense and health stats are very low meaning she can be hurt badly by something as trivial as tripping over a rock. Because of this, her parents are very protective of her though they have given her more independence as she has gotten older. Despite having a difficult start in life, Anyu is overall a happy and optimistic pup.

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