Remember, it's not about being popular or having a position of power just to fit in, it's about helping and being devoted to the wiki. Power is achieved by having a good record, being friendly and helpful to other users, and respecting members of staff. Others may be accepted because they are friends with admins, or because they can be trusted enough, so don't feel left out if that position you wanted was taken by someone who was 'trusted more'. There will still probably be a position available. Power is also very hard to hold at times, as you need to have a flexible schedule for times where you can watch the wiki.

The wiki currently has 6 main staff members, and 1 bot. 

The Team

50Dr. Regina Phalange Spr_heartpurple_0.png Perseverance
Ashley, or Ash is the Head of Command.
50TheSecondEdgeOfTheBlade Spr_heartred_center_0.png Determination
Jaz is the Second in Command and the Main Coder.
50AetherBytes Spr_heartblue_0.png Integrity
Aether is an Administrator.
50Yossipossi Spr_heartyellow_0.png Justice
Yossi is an Administrator.
50 Slade The Demon Spr_heartaqua_0.png Patience
Slade is a Content Moderator.
50Geshtro Spr_heartgreen_0.png Kindness
Gesh is an aspiring Rollback.
50JazCode Monster_SOUL.png Monster
This is the wiki's bot, operated by Jaz.


  • Bureaucrats
    Bureaucrats are the highest leaders of the wiki. They have the ability to promote to any local position, and demote anyone who's not already a Bureaucrat as well. Bureaucrats are automatically granted Administrator rights.
  • Administrators
    Administrators are the second highest level, and have the key to most features on the wiki. They can ban/unban, block/unblock, protect/unprotect, promote/demote, move, and edit almost completely freely. They are only slightly more limited than Bureaucrats.
  • Content Moderators
    Content Moderators have the ability to manage pages. They can protect, delete and restore pages.
  • Discussions Moderators
    Discussions Moderators have the ability to close, remove, move, and highlight threads and replies on a wiki.
  • Chat Moderators
    Chat Moderators can kick and ban users in the wiki's chat. Their scope of power is limited to chat only, and they have no special abilities in the mainspace.
  • Rollbacks
    Rollbacks are users who are able to revert vandalism with a single click. The Rollback position can be seen as a lesser Content Moderator position.
  • Training Staff Members
    Training Staff are users who are temporarily given rights to a staff level. They are given these rights in case of emergency or training and under no other circumstances. Training Staff have a maximum of one month in power before they will either be promoted fully or demoted back to a regular user.
  • Bots
    Bots are accounts that are allowed to run mass-editing scripts, or a large amounts of repetitive edits by hand. Edits done by bots do not show up in Wiki activity.