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Son of a glorious noble linage stretching back as far as Monsterdom can remember, Valkir is the latest in a long line of Royal Guard Knights that have served the Dreemurr's for untold centuries as warriors and generals. In the dark days of the Human-Monster war, Valkir's grandfather was High General, serving directly under King Asgore. However, he supposedly went mad with the disgrace of defeat, and was never heard from again following the banishment of all Monsters. Valkir's father, who raised and trained his eldest son to take up the family name, was always a bit too hard on Valkir and as a result, causing him to have very low self-esteem.

Trained since childhood to be the ideal of Monster Nobility, Valkir is a master swordsman and very skilled at singing/mimicking noises/sounds. Naturally, by adolescence, Valkir was considered the most likely candidate for Captain of the Royal Guard, his swordsmanship already legendary and his popularity with the cosmopolitan Monsters of New Home great. However, in spite of his popularity and family connections, he was passed over, and Undyne was instead selected as Captain of the Royal Guard while Valkir was placed under her command.

Harsh criticism and any kind of insults, joke or not towards Valkir are never forgotten by him. He is prone to taking many things seriously and due to that, he holds everything in. Outside is a stern, serious man but on the inside he is a giant ball of anger, regret and sadness awaiting to lash out on someone. He does tend to accidentally lash out on friends, but immediately apologises for his "rude" behaviour. Throughout his life, he has never been able to talk to someone about this, due to wanting to keep his serious personality.





"If Undyne couldn't defeat you, then I should be a better match for you." [Encounter, Pacifist/Genocide]

"Stop it." [Pick On]

"...Horrible." [Flirt +1]

"...Really?" [Flirt +2]

"Work in Progress"

"Ah yes, this is what humans are really like." [Hurt]

Flavor Text

A worthy fight. [Encounter Pacifist + Genocide]

Smells like metal and birds. [Neutral]

You joked about how he looks like a girl. [Pick On]

You told him a really bad pick-up line. [Flirt +1]

You complimented how cute he looks. [Flirt +2]

Work in Progress


  • His name is based off of a Valkyrie.
  • He pronounces almost every word correctly except for "Anime", which he instead pronounces "Aneem", which pisses everyone off.
  • He has a hard time understanding jokes. It takes him a couple minutes to understand even a simple pun. He's like Internet explorer with jokes.
  • His appearance is unintentionally similar to Libra from Fire Emblem: Awakening.


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