The small owl walked up the stairs of the house. It was a cold, autumn day, and this particular cold, autumn day was only 12 days away from his birthday. He was very excited. He was turning nine years old. 

He trod down the hallway in his red and blue sweater. He turned left and went through the door. It was his parents' room, and he saw them sitting on the bed, chatting.

"Oh, Worcestershire! We were just talking about you!" Spirit, the mother, said, as she motioned for him to sit down.

"Yes, yes, all good things. We were discussing, err, your outstanding grades." The father, Barley, said, as he pushed his glasses farther up his beak.

"I got 2 Bs and 3 Cs, dad."

"Oh, well, uhh, well..."

"Dad, are you trying t-"

Suddenly, there were 3 massive knocks coming from downstairs.

"Oh no..."

"Mom? Dad? Who's that?"

"Son," The dad gripped the child's shoulder, "No matter what happens, run. Just run. Don't worry about us, we'll be fine..."

"Dad, what's goin-"


The boy started to tear up. His face scrunched up, before he nodded, and started to run down the stairs.

"OPEN UP!" He heard a voice from the other side of the front door say. Worcestershire stopped.



"...Who is this? Who are you??"

"...A child? Kid, sorry for sounding so harsh. It's the Royal Guard. Please open the door for us."

Worcestershire hesitated. Was he going to trust this man?

"...I... I don't know..."

Before the man could respond, Worcestershire started to run towards the back door. He ran and unlocked the wooden door.

"Where do you think you're going?" The man behind in front of the open door said. Worcestershire screamed. The father ran downstairs, just as the Royal Guard burst through the front door. The father attacked the guard at the back door with magic, and quickly turned to his son.


The Royal Guardsmen grabbed Barley. He started to struggle. Worcestershire started to run into the forest, running faster and faster, never turning around. He eventually collapsed.

He was eventually found by a foster home.

Then the Condiment Crew.