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X-Tale is an AU created by user Yossipossi on the 7th day of July, 2016.


Long ago, two races ruled the Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS.

One day, war broke out between the two races

After a long battle, the humans were victorious.

The sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell.


The barrier required one SOUL, human or monster, to be given to it yearly.

Every year, the monsters would have a lottery on who died.

One year, it landed on Undyne, head of the royal guard.

She started a rebellion, plunging the Underground into war.

If a single human SOUL was found, it was to be brought to the barrier.

A human SOUL would make the barrier not require SOULs for another decade, bringing peace.

No human has ever showed up, so no one knew what to expect.

Until now.

X-Tale is an AU in which the barrier requires one SOUL, from either a human or monster, to continue functioning every year. If they fail to provide a SOUL, the underground will collapse. Human SOULs stabilize the barrier for a decade. Chara never enters mount Ebott. However, Asriel later dies from other means.

Due to the barrier's issue, Asgore decides a lottery is a good idea to determine who dies. This happens for 5 years, each being usually minor monsters. In the sixth year, Undyne is picked, and is so fed up with the system she makes a rebellion. She, and a few fellow members storm New Home, and accidentally kills Asriel in the process. Undyne and fellow members retreat to Waterfall, as Asgore declares war on them. Quickly, Toriel leaves to the only place not effected by the war: The RUINs. Needleteeth quickly established himself as monarch and cut the RUINs off from the rest of the Underground, as to avoid getting involved.

Muffet, seeing the opportunity to make some easy cash, sets up a border system between Waterfall and Hotland, separating the two new "countries". Undyne makes Sans the official scientist, and makes Papyrus a watchman. Then, Undyne makes Snowdin head of opperations. Meanwhile, Asgore tells Alphys to inhance Mettaton to be a ruthless killing robot with all the latest weapons. Alphys complies. Later, Alphys runs the DT experiments, and surprise surprise, they fail, and create the amalgamates. However, Asgore finds out and uses the amalgamates as weapons against the Waterfallians. Asgore makes CORE the official weapons development and storage area, and makes Hotland the capital. Waterfall enforcers are called Waterfallians, and Hotland enforcers are called Hotlandians.

Oh, and Flowey can't absorb 6 SOULs if no humans fell ;)


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RUINs Nothing has changed about the RUINs from the original game. It is the only place untouched from the war. Instead, Needleteeth is king of the area, and builds defences from the outside. No one has attacked. Yet.
Snowdin Labs Snowdin Town has been completely dimolished, and replaced with a facility that includes weapon storage, labratories, and living quarters for military and civilians. Sans is the head scientist.
Waterfall Waterfall is the capital of the rebellion, and has been completely redone. Most Royal Guard members are sent to Waterfall to patrol the perimitter. Most parts of the waterfalls have been replaced with pipes that lead to water filtration systems. The garbage from the garbage dump is sent to a recycling plant.
Border Muffet and her group of spiders control the Border. They have taken control of the spikey mountain, the pathway to Hotland, and where Sans' sentry station once was. They require 99999G to pass as a civilian, but it's free for the military.
Hotland Hotland is the capital of the original kingdom. Asgore had moved it from New Home, mainly because New Home had been infiltrated and could be done again. Most of Asgore's strongest warriors, including the Amalgamates and Mettaton, are stationed around Hotland.
CORE The CORE is the Hotlandian's weapons production and weapons storage facility. It is heavily guarded with force feilds.
New Home New Home is exactly the same as in Undertale, except there is a grave for Asriel in the flower garden.


Main Characters

Name Description Side of War Available Weapons HP ATK DEF
Flowey The recreated form of Asriel Dreemurr, he is a Flower created by Alphys' DETERMINATION EXPIRIMENTS. At one point, he realized he could control the timeline, and had abused his powers. Flowey does not choose to side with someone specifically, but perfers to be designated as Hotlandian, as his father is on that side. Flowey has multiple weapons readily avaiable to him. The first one is he surrounds his enemies in "pellets" that do 19 damage each. His second attack is throwing pellet directly at his enemies. 6000 19 0
Toriel Formally Asgore's wife, she devorced him when the war started. She stays in the RUINs, recieving news on the war from Sans. Toriel does not choose a side in the war, instead staying in the RUINs. Toriel has a fireball attack, that once used after a quick chargeup, instantly fires the person hit by it a large distance away. She also uses mini fireballs. 440 80 (6) 80 (1)
Sans The skeleton brother of Papyrus, Sans is the cheif scientist of the Waterfallian side. He resides in Snowdin labs, where he creates weapons and expiriments with things like teleportation and time travel, to gain an advantage over the Hotlandians. He is less lazy when it comes to his work then canon, because now he believes that his possible ability to time travel will counter-act SAVEs, LOADs, and RESETs. He visits Toriel often to inform her about the war. Sans is Waterfallian Sans has many weapons to help him in battle. He has "Gaster Blasters", which fire large amounts of magic at their enemies. He also has figured out how to warp spacetime. He has the ability to turn a SOUL blue, and summon bones in combat. 1 1 1
Papyrus The skeleton brother of Sans, Papyrus is head scout of the Royal Gaurd. He lives with Sans in Snowdin Labs, and goes every day to work in Waterfall. Papyrus is Waterfallian Papyrus has the ability to turn the SOUL blue. He can also summon bones to aid him in combat. 680 20 20
Undyne Undyne is the leader of the Waterfallians. She is one of the strongest monsters in the Underground. She is responcible for the rebellion and death of Asriel. Undyne is the leader of the Waterfallians Undyne has a multitude of attacks. Firstly, she can turn a SOUL green. Secondly, she can summon spears to attack from four sides in green SOUL mode. Third, she can surround the SOUL in spears that slowly close in on the SOUL. She can also shoot spears upwards in a specific formation. 1500 50 (7) 20 (0)
Muffet Muffet resides in the Border between Waterfall and Hotland. She and her fellow spiders charge 99999G to pass as a civilian. As a military, however, she charges nothing. Muffet chooses no side, but is instead the leader of Border control. Muffet can trap the SOUL in "webs", using Purple SOUL mode. She can shoot spider donuts and spider cider as weapons.






Alphys Alphys is the Royal Scientist of Asgore. She is the one responcible for the creation of Flowey and the Amalgamate Soldiers. She also is the creator of Mettaton. She lives in Hotland, the capital Alphys is Hotlandian. Alphys uses Mettaton as her main attacker, but sometimes Mettaton has his own ideas. 100 4 5
Mettaton Mettaton is a robot that has a SOUL inside it. Mettaton is obbsesed with fame. However, instead of becoming an actor like canon, Alphys makes Mettaton a robot warrior. Mettaton, seeing his oppertunity to become a war hero, accepts the offer. Mettaton is Hotlandian. Mettaton has a laser installed in his chest and hands, which can do 5 DMG per shot. Also, instead of his EX form, he uses his NEO form.

1,000 (Box)

10,000 (NEO)

40 (5) (Box)

60 (7)


999(99) (Box)


(6) (NEO)

Asgore Asgore is the former King of the underground, and is the leader of the Hotlandians. He is incredibly strong, and wants nothing more then the destruction and execution of Undyne and the Waterfallian "Empire". He carries a huge trident, and resides in a secure location in New Home. Asgore is the ruler of the Hotlandians. Asgore has the ability to smash the mercy button. He can summon tornadoes of fireballs, and uses his hands to summon wall of fire that lock onto the SOUL's current location and advance towards it. He can also turn his trident cyan and orange at will. 3,500 80 (10) 80 (-10)

OC Characters

Name Description Side of War Available Weapons HP ATK DEF
Bryson Bryson was captured during battle with Hotland. He is now being held captive in a secluded and heavily guarded area of the CORE. He can dodge 4 attacks in a row before being hit by the fifth. At 2000 HP, he change to his second form, which adds flare to his attacks. Bryson is Waterfallian When Bryson was taken as a POW, his swords were taken, but he still has psychokinesis and pyrokinesis. He has lost the ability to change a person's soul mode. 4000 50 (10) 99 (20)
Michael Michael has blonde, crusty hair where the sides are passing over his ears, giving him a mullet, showing signs of stress. He has light blue eyes with almost completely white skin. He's 5'7", taller than most main characters of X-Tale. He has a blue, pocketed shirt that is pale from dust. He has gray pocketless jeans reaching down to his ankles. The glove he usually has is no longer wearable. His shoes were pale red with no laces, replaced with string. He has no dagger, the sheathe he has is completely dusted from signs of neglect. Neutral. He hides in the RUINs, under protection from Toriel. 20 10 8
Emily the Dragon Emily is a dragon that fell into the underground shortly after the wars, following Chara out of curiosity as to why the child was alone at night. Chara knew that Emily was following them, and was scared as dragons were shown to be ferocious in the wars, fighting for the monsters. As Chara tripped and stumbled into the underground, Emily attempted to catch them and failed. Emily heard voices echoing up through the hole, and decided to enter to retrieve the child and make sure they were safe. She prefers Waterfallians, but is neutral and acts as a messenger between them. Normal, Venom, fire attacks, Flare, body slam, and camouflage. 500 99 (7) 99 (14)
Joseph Alucard Joseph is a 30 years old wyvern who looks like an old fashioned aristrocat/nobleman who has two wolf familiars named Grazzel and Gilleford. He does not choose sides. He uses wind and ice manipulation. He can also shapeshft anything he sees and touches but only for a temporary time if it's a living being, it's like polymorphication. 1000 15 (10) 10
Platinum Alucard Platinum is a 13 years old wyvern who looks like a magical anime girl who carries a staff. Neutral She uses summoning in order to attack her opponents (though she uses cute dangerous things to attack her opponent), she uses shapeshifting like her brother and has spacial manipulation, she can summon up to only 2 portals and only at a range of 500-1000 radius. 500 20 (10) 10 (7)
Remachine Script Rema is 5'7" (1.7m) with a black fluffy mohawk. She has battle scars up and down her arms and eletrical burn scars around her neck, upper arms, and forearms. She wears a black leather vest, a red tank-top, grey jeans, and red converse high-tops. She has a scar on her right cheek just below her eye. Her personality is generally hostile and she reluctantly takes orders from Asgore. She doesn't enjoy killing other monsters, but she does it anyway. Hotlandian Golden Pistols, Can turn her opponent's SOUL yellow, Bone Bullets (normal and yellow). 50 40 40



  • Mettaton has determination in his robot body, for an extreme berserker mode. His DT level is shown by the bar on his chest in box form, and the heart on his torso for his NEO form.
    • He does not have an EX form.
  • In the original concept, Toriel was supposed to be clueless about the war.
  • X-Tale's banner has a shadow.
  • The TP route ends with Flowey absorbing everyone's SOULs, but instead of the 6 human SOULs (which aren't in the Underground), Flowey absorbs enough DETERMINATION from the amalgamates to become ASRIEL and destroy the barrier, ETC.
    • Yes, I know DETERMINATION does not work like that in Undertale, but this is an AU, OKAY!?
  • The most fun making a texture I had was for Mettaton NEO. The hardest was Undyne. The easiest was Asgore.
  • There is a hidden number 1 in Mettaton's screen.


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SquidFairy - Admin Help

Thomas Tuohy - Music

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